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Year of the Mouse/Rat
Feb 7th, 2008 to Jan 25th, 2009

(Earth Mouse or Rat, Yang, Zi, Chinese Year 4705)

The Mouse or Rat represents the beginning of the Asian astrological cycle and is positioned as Year One of the Twelve Animal Years, making this a year of Leadership, Pioneering, and Authority. This Year is a great time for fresh new beginnings and planned change. The Earth Mouse or Rat Year is a time that moves toward stability, security, and a deep sense of home, family, and community spirit. This energy helps people to realistically appraise exactly what they really need, and to work towards achieving wholesome sustenance rather than extravagance. Still, the Rat or Mouse is considered to be the protector and bringer of wealth, especially if you are willing to put in the time and devotion necessary to achieve this. It also helps people to become more organized, be more meticulous, and systematic in their approach to their goals and daily duties.

Although Rats and Mice are often considered pests, at least in Western culture, the symbology of this Rat year is one of courage and enterprise. This is a great year for learning how to take care of ourselves, each other, and our Planet. The Mouse/Rat energy is lively, and industrious - a good year to become active physically, mentally, and socially. The energy is also very stimulating in an intellectual sense - excellent for education, research, brainstorming, and collaborating with other great minds to tackle difficult problems, especially ones of a critical social nature, such as global warming, homelessness, poverty, starvation, oppression, and inequality. This is also the perfect year to develop our leadership skills, to learn to initiate projects, campaigns, enterprises, especially ones that offer true hope, empowerment, and sustainability for all.

The Rat or Mouse Year is also a time of intense emotional, romantic, sexual, and procreative energies. If you are looking for love, this is the Year to explore the possibilities. If you are already in a romance or marriage, things will heat up and the energy will support many sensual, intimate moments and planned events. A great time to envision your ideal partner if you are still looking, and to get out there and engage socially. If you're not looking to be a parent yet though, do protect yourself! Rats and mice breed at the drop of a hat, as most people know....

This is also an excellent year for the scholar, the writer, the artist, and the expressive. Often, great works of literature, new scientific inventions, and great waves of new thinking and knowledge abound in Rat Years. If you are "called" to write or otherwise express your ingenuity (the web works well for this), this is the time! Harness the creative, pioneering energies of this time and record your expansive, insightful thoughts to share with the world! Who knows where this might take you, or what important contribution you might make! Creative, ingeniuous and yet practical art and other creations will be particularly successful and impacting this year.

The rat/mouse energy does bring a warning though - be aware of those who would use their mental cunning or position of authority to trick you or even cheat you. The energy of this year can fuel craftiness and deception, but if you are discerning and keep on your toes, you can protect yourself and your family (and even your community or nation!). People will be more interested in self-development and spirituality this year - but don't do it alone, especially if you have a family to take care of - instead, make it a family affair!

This Year brings a particular warning for USA citizens - chose your next leader very carefully!!! Multi-national corporations too will use this Year's energy to fortify their campaigns to dupe the public and continue to entice us all to live a life of consumerism, apathy, and compliance. But if people are awake and aware, the Rat/Mouse will help us all to see through the ridiculous veils of deception that present themselves to us through various media venues, and to focus more on the very real and wonderful work being done by many people (at grassroots, celebrity, social organization, and even national levels). It is time to roll up our sleeves, find a place to help, and pitch in to make this world a better place for ALL of us!

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