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The Astrological Signs

This section focuses on the energy inherent in the twelve astrological signs. It can relate to the position of any of the nine planets in your chart, as well as the energy and "flavor" of any of your twelve houses.


Descriptors: The Leader, the Enthusiast, The Pioneer, The Warrior, The Daredevil, The Competitior. KeyWords: Energy, Activity, Leadership.

A fire sign, Aries bursts with energy and creative ideas. High-spirited and enthusiastic, Aries believes the world is theirs to conquer. Ardent, assertive, and perservering. The pioneers and leaders of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, Aries are doers, rarely sitting around, twiddling their thumbs.

An active body combined with a daring and enterprising spirit. Bold and passionate, highly idealistic, and fiercely loyal to those they love. Direct, impatient, decisive, but lack subtlety and tact. Can be intolerant and impulsive, and rash at a moment's notice.

Responds well to crises, can meet challenges head-on, and faces difficult situations with courage. Usually will refuse to compromise their ideals, even if it gets them into trouble. Aries men like to play knight-errant and Aries women may appear forceful and assertive.

Quick to anger and eager to express their opinions, but also quick to forgive and forget. Need to guard against a naive, self centered nature or tendency to bully others. Often are full of energy and inspiration and have great faith in themselves. Easily influence others to follow in their footsteps. Refusing to be put down, dynamic and generous, the Aries spirit lives to fight another day.


Descriptors: The Pragmatist, The Sensualist, The Nature Lover, The Singer, The Evaluator
KeyWords: Endurance, Persistence, Sensuality

Quietly determined, sensible, patient, and persistent: Taureans never give up! They will continue when all others have fallen by the wayside. Warm, calm and easygoing, they reflect an enjoyment of life's simplicity. Taureans do not like to rush into anything, they make careful and deliberate decisions, and always consider security and financial issues in any decision.

Venus is their ruling planet, making them magnetic, sensual, and very attractive to the opposite sex. Have an enhanced love of beauty, an interest in the arts, and a highly refined sense of touch. The basic comforts of life - food, home and so on are very important to them. They love entertaining, and are connoisseurs of fine food and wine. The bankers of the zodiac, they keep careful records of their monetary dealings, and tend to be a bit materialistic.

Generous with their loved ones, but have a tendency to be overpossessive. Loyal and devoted to friends, and will often suffer in silence to keep the peace. If pushed too far, however - look out! They are like the proverbial bull in a china shop! Can be obstinate and stubborn. Taureans need to feel grounded and stable, and resist change, unless it brings more stability to their situation. They find comfort through their love of art and creativity, the joys of nature, and music. Usually have an attractive, calm and even voice, and are often good singers. If stressed though, illness may affect the throat. On the whole, they tend to be strong and healthy.

Taureans love pleasure and comfort, and may need to guard against overindulging in the finer things of life, such as food. Are pragmatic, perservering, and strive diligently towards their goals. Firm in their desires to build a solid foundation, Taureans can attract and achieve success.


Descriptors: The Communicator, The Interpretor, The Writer, The Speaker, The Storyteller, The Educator
KeyWords: Versatility, Talkativeness, Ingenuity

Natural communicators, with a never-ending thirst for knowledge, Geminis are eternal students. Intelligent, always on the move, always trying to satisfy their mental curiosity. Good at picking out what is salient in a situation, they acquire knowledge easily, and love to share it with others. Bright, multi-talented, and enthusiastic, but must guard against scattering their energies in too many directions.

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis have bright, expressive faces and use hand gestures to help them convey ideas. Can talk for hours! Youthful in outlook, the eternal child, always in a state of wonder. Geminis have sensitive nervous systems, and may find it difficult to concentrate their full attention on anyone or anything. Are renowned for multitasking, and are flexible, versatile, and adaptable. Airy and sophisticate, they do not like to be pinned down, and hate to be bored or boring. They appear to have many personalities and changing moods.

Light and friendly, Geminis have an easy rapport with others and love to share their thoughts with them. Their youthful charm and natural quick wit makes them delightful friends and companions for others. Entertaining with a wealth of ideas, Geminis are highly expressive when they let their mercurial spirits soar.


Descriptors: The Mother, The Carer, The Psychic, The Counselor, The Protector
KeyWords: Sensitivity, Sympathy, Affection.

Emotional and sensitive Cancerians are ruled by their feelings. Their ruling planet is the Moon, making Cancers deep and vulnerable. They often have a protective shell of shyness or reserve to hide their great sensitivity and inner caution. They may withdraw to gather strength. Sympathetic and kind, Cancerians have a strong need to nurture, and often take the role of the parent, caregiver, or therapist in all kinds of relationships. They have an extremely strong protective streak and will defend their loved ones against all odds.

Home and family play a big part in their need for identity and security. Are connoisseurs and fine cooks. Although their moods fluctuate like the tide, they are naturally affectionate, and can smother others with their protective love and devotion. May be shy and sentimental, and hang onto the past for too long. They can become avid collectors and hoarders. They have a talent for hanging onto money “for a rainy day.”

Cancerians have complex personalities. They may appear to be a tower of strength, but on the other hand, are like a vulnerable child. They are masters at the art of passive resistance. Are nautrally intuitive and mediumistic, and can be easily hurt. Their powerful imagination and sensitive understanding can be expressed delightfully through the creative and artistic worlds. Above all, once they trust someone enough to show their feelings, they can be strong, loyal, and protective.


Descriptors: The Performer. The King or Queen, The Child, The Creative Artist, The Lover, The Actor or Actress
KeyWords: Vitality, Confidence, Self-Expression

Warm, loving, and generous, Leo have big hearts. Their kind and magnanimous gestures come from a love of the dramatic, as Leos play to the crowd and feel happiest with an appreciative audience. Although they capture center stage, Leos are also attentive to others. They readily show their appreciation and approval of others. Ruled by the Sun, Leos possess a loveable, childlike playfulness, and a strong need for creative self-expression. They see themselves as leaders, and be struggle with vanity and pride.

They have a hard time admitting they were wrong, and are susceptible to flattery. They compensate though, with their sunny personality, sense of fun, and generosity. These friendly and gregarious people are ideal partners for social events, parties, theater, and long holidays. Their desire to shine combined with their royal commanding air, brings Leos naturally to positions of authority, where they can display their remarkable leadership skills. They take charge naturally. Some may accuse them of taking over, and being too bossy. They will work extremely hard to live up to their responsibilities, and make excellent managers and leaders. Leos who do not fulfill their natural potential may fall into idleness and lose their spirit.

They are known for their courage and dislike being considered weak and defenceless. Even under a facade of modesty, their regal dignity shows through. They presume everyone has the same sense of integrity as they have, and they maintain their sense of self-respect even in disagreements with others. Leos want others to think well of them, and are very aware of the impression they make on others.

They can be lively and enthusiastic yet stubborn. Their creativity and sense of drama combine to make them great romantics. Leos love to love and be loved. No matter where you meet them, their sunny personalities will make a lasting impression.


Descriptors: The Analyst, The Perfectionist, The Researcher, The Servant, The Refiner, The Critic
KeyWords: Discernment, Efficiency, Service

Analytical and efficient, Virgos have a strong work ethic. They need order in their lives, and want things done in a methodical way. Virgos constantly refine and examine in order to improve existing systems. Their perfectionism can become criticism though, and people around them may resist their ideas. Virgos can also be their own worst critic. They are often modest and unassuming, and validate their own self-worth by being in service to others.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are intelligent, articulate, and discriminating, practical and capable organizers, who work very hard, and pay attention to detail. Economical and prudent with money, they are still generous with their time and money if others need assistance. They do expect the person they help to also help themselves, though. They do not respond well to stupidity and vulgarity, and have a logical mind that instinctively wants to bring order out of confusion. They have very high standards, and show extreme fastidiousness in some areas.

Virgos are interested in cleanliness and nutrition, and are often advocates for exercise and a healthy lifestyle. They may however, suffer from nervous tension, occasionally becoming overanxious or neurotic. They have a strong sense of obligation and duty which can catalyse this tension. They often take on too much. They make wonderful employees, and dislike clutter, and are thorough in their work. Dependable and sincere, with a methodical approach to life, Virgos will always be pillars of practical, sensible support. They will offer their help before you even ask for it.


Descriptors: The Lover, The Diplomat, The Partner, The Socializer, The Host or Hostess, The Balancer, The Negotiator
KeyWords: Balance, Diplomacy, Relationship

The diplomats of the zodiac, they do everything they can to preserve the peace in any situation. Affectionate, gracious, and refined, Librans are usually very popular. They have a lightness about them and are friendly, intelligent, and sociable. Ruled by Venus, they are keenly aware of relationships, and are usually able to see the other person’s point of view. They need a partner who can serve as a mirror so they can gain a better understanding of themselves. They are expert at being just and fair, and weigh everything before making final decisions.

They can see and discuss the pros and cons of any situation or problem with amazing logic and discernment. Very skillful at the art of compromise and negotiation. They could be so much so, that they become indecisive and unable to arrive at a final conclusion. Balance is a powerful keyword for Librans. They genuinely want harmony, but can be prone to difficult cycles where things tip to the negative side of the balance. They become more self-reliant as they work on their self-awareness and inner planes. They must work not to become dependent on others, and to stand up for their beliefs.

Librans are sociable, elegant, and great lovers of beauty and luxury. They usually have an attractive home and are naturally good at some form of artistic expression. They have a natural eye for color, and need to be surrounded by tasteful, harmonious surroundings or they become unhappy. They take pains to show an attractive face to the world.

Superb hosts and hostesses, Librans love activities that combine sociability with love, such as weddings or small gatherings with friends and family. They are great romantics, with a love for beauty and a weakness for anything sweet. With just a little bit of love and affection you can always find your way into a Libran’s heart.


Descriptors: The Controller, The Hypnotist, The Magician, The Detective, The Transformer
KeyWords: Regeneration, Secrecy, Power

The most passionate sign of the zodiac, Scorpios prefer to investigate life at a deeper emotional level. They want the real story and probe for the truth. They are expert at receiving subliminal signals with Pluto as their ruling planet. They psychically pick up what others are feeling, as well as what they are saying. They will ask you everything about yourself, but reveal little about themselves. Their secrecy is usually a cloak of power. They feel deeply, and can be painfully hurt and so prefer to be in control.

They must learn to overcome desire through the creative use of will. Their sign is connected to the very roots of the sex drive, their feelings are strong and intense, sometimes leading to jealousy and possessiveness. Symbolic death or transformation are experiences that Scorpios relish. There are times when they are willing to walk away from everything in order to validate their intense inner feelings. They can not be insincere. Once they decide to take something on, their will to achieve is tremendous. They have extraordinary staying power, and will presevere with an endeavor till the bitter end.

Scorpios are usually competitive and do not like losing. Once defeated, they will usually wait to prove you wrong or exact revenge, no matter how long they have to wait. When on your side, though, they will be just as passionately loyal and loving, totally giving of themselves regardless of effort or sacrifice.

Scorpio is a sign of regeneration. They have the potential for enormous strength from connecting with the elemental forces of nature. For Scorpio is all or nothing, they do not want to live on a superficial level. They need challenge to bring out their power and make them feel alive.


Descriptors: The Traveler, The Philosopher, The Optimist, The Seeker, The Foreigner
KeyWords: Honesty, Exploration, Idealism

Sagittarians are free spirits with a friendly, independent style. They dislike being tied down and are incurable idealists, always looking to expand their horizons and improve their lot. Optimistic and easygoing, they have a love of truth, honesty, and justice that gives them a very philosophical approach to life. Spirited individuals, Sags think big and see the grander vision. This ability to see the “big plan” means that Sags are usually working on some scheme or project for the future. They love to explore and are inveterate travelers of the mind and of the world.

They place high value on knowledge or wisdom, they seek inspiration for themselves and for others; and genuinely wish to uplift people with their amusing, clever, words or their big smile. Unfortunately, they often have the opposite effect by not thinking before they speak. Outspoken and frank, Sags express whatever crosses their mind, with an honesty that is startling in its directness. They are usually able to genuinely convince you that they did not mean to offend, though, and most can not help but forgive them.

Through their constant need for expansion, Sags often turn to higher education and explore subjects such as philsophy, religion, travel, and law. Some Sags are more sporty than intellectual, and get their excitement through physical exertion and playing the game. They are usually lucky, and are often drawn to gambling and speculation. Whatever they do, they like to do it in style. They often indulge in the best. They must be careful, though, not to become greedy and overindulgent. They love the freedom to move around, and prefer to leave their options open. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, know how to enjoy themselves, and are eager for the next adventure.


Descriptors: The Father, The Authority Figure, The Worker, The Disciplinarian, The Traditionalist
KeyWords: Ambition, Conscience, Diligence

The ultimate realists, Capricorns know full well there is no gain without hard work. They have a strong sense of duty and are quite willing to wait patiently to fulfill their ambitions. They will eventually climb to the top, even if it takes their entire lifetime. Hardworking, diligent, and determined, Capricorns need to have a purpose, for without a precise goal they are lost. They desire order and structure to make them feel complete and usually keep to-do lists daily. Security is important to them, and they take a cautious and conservative approach to life.

Ruled by Saturn, they show a great respect for authority and admire the wisdom of age and experience. They are very conscientious in their work, economical, practical, and thrifty. They could also be stubborn, cold, calculating, and selfish if not self-disciplined. They are not frivolous or flighty, take responsibility seriously, and place home and family at the top of their priorities.

They can get pessimistic, and feel they are never good enough, and must guard against depression. When they doubt themselves and their abilities, they may give up without even trying. But when given the security of a firm foundation, they can be relentless in their drive for success. More than anything else, they need to develop an optimistic and positive outlook. Beneath their slightly shy and reserved exterior is a wonderfully dry sense of humor and a tenacity that comes from inner discipline. When others need assistance, they know they can always count on a Capricorn to be reliable and solid.


Descriptors: The Humanitarian, The Detached Observor, The Inventor, The Scientist, The Friend, The Eccentric, The Revolutionary, The Anarchist
KeyWords: Humanitarianism, Detachment, Independence

Original and unconventional, Aquarians are progressive and independent. Their interest in how the human race operates is an intellectual exercise for them. Always playing the detached observer, they are able to take an impersonal, unemotional viewpoint. They can think in terms of group consciousness, realizing that people are separate individuals operating within a larger whole. They have a strong humanitarian awareness, and often work for universal or philanthropic goals and campaigns for just causes. They are friendly and helpful, and able to speak to strangers as though they have always known them.

Uranus is their ruling planet, giving a rebellious streak, an ability to see future trends, and a strong desire for freedom. They do not like to take orders, and want to think for themselves and to do things in their own unique way. They will do the exact opposite if someone tries to force them to do something. They can be very stubborn.

They are always willing to listen to an alternate point of view, as long as it is presented objectively. They embrace technology and new innovations with relish. They have an electric quality, and strong intuition. They often experiences, “eurekas” where they suddenly know something is true. Their zany genius can make them volatile and unpredictable, but also highly inventive. They stand for human rights and social reform. Even if the rest of the world doesn’t understand them today, what Aquarians are doing now, others will be doing tomorrow.


Descriptors: The Visionary, The Romantic, The Savior, The Mystic, The Healer, The Dreamer, The Poet
KeyWords: Compassion, Receptivity, Imagination

Pisces have an acute sense of feeling and are sensitive, aware people. They are constantly receiving impressions from their outer environment, yet also acutely aware of their inner promptings as well. They often retreat into a private dream world to enjoy the musings of their powerful imaginations and sometimes to escape the harsher realities of life. They are dual personalities of two extremes. Can be tired, lethargic, and drifting; and at other times, efficient, precise, and hardworking.

Psychically open to all the more subtle emotions, Pisces show generosity and compassion. They do not always have strong boundaries, and can dissolve themselves in other people’s needs. They must guard from losing their self-worth or becoming a martyr. They need lots of reassurance to boost their confidence, and can be quite stubborn, allowing nobody to influence them. They can be extremely patient and unselfish but if provoked, suprisingly aggressive.

Sentimental and kind, with tender emotions, Pisceans are very receptive to the environment and feelings of others. They are excellent in healing, music, art, drama, or photography and anything of a spiritual nature. They are also open to mood swings. Can be extremely optimistic at times, and swing over to being vague, lose their drive, and give up too easily. They must be careful not to get despondent at these times. They can easily become disillusioned with other’s foibles.

Fortunately, they use their natural psychic ability to plug directly into the consciousness of all humanity. They are the visionaries who cannot help but uplift those around them with their humor, charm, and sympathy.

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