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Astrological Ascendants

Your Ascendant
Herald of the Houses



Your ascendant is the sign rising on the horizon at the time of your birth; it is third in importance after the Sun and Moon. All sunrise births have the Ascendant in the same sign as the Sun. It is vital to know the exact time of birth, and the location (latitude and longitude) of the birth place to accurately calculate the ascendant. The ascendant represents the first house, which subsequently dictates which signs occupy the other eleven houses.


You have good executive ability, are apt to be somewhat of a pioneer. You have strong likes and dislikes and are usually courageous and adventurous. Chances are you tend to have outbursts of anger or irritation, but you rarely hold a grudge for long. There is something of the iconoclast about you, a tendency to kick over existing practices and institutions, to crusade for newer and better ways. - at least your version of such improvements! You are inclined to force your opinions on others rather than to use the gentle act of persuasion. You are enthusiastic and generally progressive in whatever idea you happen to be pursuing - as long as the idea lasts. Although you frequently change your viewpoint and opinions, you are extremely certain of whatever you happen to believe - at the moment. At some time in your life, your ambitions for high office or an executive position will tax all your willpower and courage. You are so passionately opinionated that many people regard your expression as being violent.

Wherever you have legal trouble with money or property, there will almost certainly be women involved - particularly if you are a man. You may be an only child or lose a sibling. May lose father at an early age, not necessarily by death, but in one way or another, the father leaves no provision for the care and welfare of his children.

You will travel a lot, either for business or else to avoid trouble. Chances are you'll change your residence frequently and may become successful in another country. You typify the cliche of marrying in haste and repenting in leisure. Probably you'll get a divorce. One way or another, you are a true pioneer, a climber of every kind of obstacle fate puts in your path. A martyr - complex may be present. When afflicted, can cause injury or even death to themselves.


You don't as a rule, easily become angered; but by the same token you're difficult to appease and liable to harbor a grudge for long periods. You tend to be self-possessed, and may seem dogmatic or even stubborn. Despite your essentially egotistical attitude, you are outwardly kind, essentially diplomatic. You are precise, patient and probably love your own ideas. Generally, you are calm, somewhat obstinate and therefore strongly passionate. Have a deep and abiding love of physical ease and comfort - may be regarded as lazy. This is not necessarily so.

You are firm-willed and flexible, capable of making silent decisions and pursuing them with strong, steady perseverance. You hanker for recognition and are very fond of your possessions and property. You will probably realize your ambitions. Either by your own efforts or by some unexpected good luck, you'll acquire a fair amount of wealth. Usually your father will be helpful; in all likelihood he was or is a man of some consequence in his field.

You will also realize much happiness through children, yet there may be difficulties with your firstborn, especially if the child happens to be a boy. You are artistic; you love peace and harmony to such a degree that you may resist change and try to avoid all obstacles. This makes you so conservative that the chief cause of your unhappiness is your own stubborn opinions. Even though your youth may be plagued by financial insecurity, you will gain materially through your adulthood and middle age, and develop a full appreciation for the physical comforts of life.


You are fully capable of success in radio, television, motion pictures, journalism or literature. Although you tend to be somewhat excitable and easily upset, you are just as easily assuaged. You are original, have good ideas, are clever in legal matters, inventive, have a love of logic, science, art and literature. Generally, you are well-informed, humane, flexible and easy to talk to - a born communicator.

With great subtlety you express a desire for command situations or executive positions. You are one of the few who can do this with neither tyranny nor excessive pride. You come from a small to moderate-sized family which is usually well versed in music and art, although some family secrets are a cause of much unhappiness.

You have a beautifully balanced willpower and resolution of purpose; few people realize your potential for real achievement. Chances are you may have a brother who holds some kind of executive office or important position. In love there are many secrets or changes, with difficulty through or loss of children. Intrigue is your stock in trade. May have two or more affairs going at once...either that or you may marry twice - once to a foreigner. May hold two jobs or positions at once and has a wide variety of friends. Has such an inordinate love of variety in life that strife occurs as a result of the jealousy or selfishness of others.

May realize trouble or unhappiness through lawyers or clergymen, even though may be a member of one of these groups himself. May easily bring about his own downfall. Will probably inherit property or land and accrue a great deal of professional influence.


Although some notoriety goes with it, you have many changes in position throughout your life. In a quiet way your disposition is rather impatient and severe, with an abrupt temper and a reserved exterior. You have an almost fantastic ability to absorb the ideas of others, and also possess a remarkable imagination - one that delights in exotic adventures in far-away places.

Your unremitting compulsion for each new love, friendship, or temporary attachment often propels you into yet another place and relationship - which usually ends in disillusion. This faculty has probably developed your most dramatic capabilities. You can be capricious and clever at using the ideas of other people. In extreme cases you could become a plagiarist or copier, one who is extraordinarily sensitive in perceiving the intentions of friends and associates.

You are highly sensitive, changeable, and nervous. Yet because of this nervous irritability you are enormously adaptable. Are remarkably capable, extremely independent, and discreet in most things. You love public recognition, honor and wealth.

Still, inconstancy is your name. Your moods are as changeable as the tides. You can be timid in the face of physical danger and resourceful as well as courageous in your moral or intellectual attitudes. Can also be fanciful, gay, and nebulous, or suddenly revert to caution, prudence - even mistrust.

You lose materially through love affairs, children, relatives, and speculations. This occurs in the early part of life. You are bound to become more prosperous and successful later on. There's a great tendency for obstacles, even dangers to crop up during your travels.

Whatever your position, it is usually achieved in spite of the difficulties you experience through the jealousy of those who stoop to slander or spread false rumors about you. 35 is the median age of stabilization for you. Whatever success you achieve, it is a result of your own enterprising spirit.


You have nothing but contempt for the small or petty things in life. Basically, your nature is benevolent and noble, manifesting great pride, generosity, and probably a lot of talent. Is one who aspires to the higher, more influential and powerful positions in life.

You are dramatic and poetic, with a love of display which others could interpret as nothing more than pure egotism. Although you are a hard worker and your success comes through persistence and endurance, whatever fame or fortune you realize usually comes without you seeking it. Have a great deal of self-determination and may seem haughty. May have a flaring temper, but your anger is a straw fire that doesn't last long.

Somehow or other you are often associated with important and influential people. You love grandeur in nature as well as in the human soul; you are attracted to everything that is bright and large and noble. Your undertakings are done with courage, yet you have fixed opinions, dogmatic ideals, and strong passions. You could never admit to being ruled by these passions.

Chances are there is some disaffection or estrangement from your father - or he was separated from you while you were still very young. You love children and could have many yourself, but there is much difficulty, even sorrow - over the health of your oldest. May marry more than once with children from each marriage. At some point in your life, if male, you will be forced to endure great hardship, often lacking in the basic necessities of existence, such as food and a place to live.

You are likely to come into an inheritance, as are your children. Successful business and professional people are attracted to you and vice versa; you will prosper through these associations. In the final analysis, all the vicissitudes of life will have little effect on you; you are almost certain to emerge ahead of the game.


You have a finely discriminating sense of justice, humility, a good mind and a rather attractive and diplomatic demeanor. You'll rise in life through your own merit, attention to detail and hard work... through your own achievements. Nevertheless, there is a lack of perspective or proportion in your outlook that causes you to overemphasize the importance of small, unimportant details.

Despite your pleasant and attractive public personality, you are difficult to know well. Only those whom you feel are sincerely affectionate or trustworthy can ever become your confidantes. You are definitely not the temperamental type; as a rule you are slow to anger, but you don't find it easy to forgive those who've wronged you.

You cling to your own ideas with tenacity. Have strong willpower, yet are perfectly capable of being swayed by logic, reason, and finesse. Generally of a quiet nature, you are capable of eloquence and remarkable persuasiveness - when the occasion calls for it. Inclined toward theoretical science, health, hygiene, and abstract knowledge. Drawn to gardening, small farming.

As an infant or small child you probably endured poor health - possibly poverty. Even as an adult, most of your money comes from your hard work. You will probably inherit or forge business or marriage partnerships that prove profitable. This may occur in a faraway land. Must avoid speculation if you want to hold on to what you have earned. Chances are your father will marry twice, and that there are some family secrets you'd rather forget. Relatives and neighbors are frequently instrumental to your personal welfare. May be conflicts with siblings. Your own family will be small and your children not keenly interested in marriage.

Solid happiness in love comes late in life. May marry twice or have an extramarital affair. Your achievements and ultimate success will somehow revolve around trips and voyages, possibly associated with change in occupation. Don't be surprised to find yourself in later years with two homes and property in two different countries.


One of the most likable and harmonious ascendants to have. You are sensitive and strongly influenced by your surroundings as well as existing conditions. Have an innate sense of fairness, are honest, courteous, compassionate and kind. You are optimistic, candid and have a good deal of willpower but very little perseverance. One of your chief drawbacks is that you will weigh from one side of a question and then the other - and then perhaps wait to see what someone else will do - before making a decision of your own.

Your talents include constructive and inventive ability. Probably you have untapped genius for anything harmonious or beautiful in life: poetry, art, music, or sculpture. You learn quickly and can master almost any branch of business. The difficulty lies in the fact that you may, while engrossed in any avocation, suddenly change your mind and follow a completely different line of interest.

Social and personal pleasures are matters of great absorption for you. If you weren't born into a large family, you'll likely marry into one; the only trouble with this is that some of them may be so disputatious that legal action will be involved.

Somehow your father is a source of difficulty or loss. If he did not leave the scene when you were very young, he may be a source of unforseen obstacles, argument, and unnecessary restraint, due to his loss of position in life. There's some sort of duplicity in your parental allegiance; either you were adopted or your father and/or mother has remarried. You'll gain enormous satisfaction and happiness from and through your children, who will be few in number but extremely fortunate.

Your marriage partner is apt to be comfortably fixed and you have a good relationship with your children. You are or will be in the public eye and will probably do considerable traveling and changing of address as a result of your occupation. You'll take some long trips, but your chief source of profit and success will be in your own country - probably your home town. You will discover that your best friends are people of great professional accomplishment and standing in the world. Association with artists, writers and other creative people will eventually reveal that one of your closest friends comes from this group. Your children will be your best inspiration in your waning years.


By nature, inclination and temperament you are an extremist. Whatever you attempt, it is usually done with the full force of all your being. Your will is so strong you stick to a fight to the bloody end, regardless of the outcome. You are largely misunderstood by almost every standard. May have harshness, bitter critical quality, and acid sarcasm. You are a born executive and like very much to operate behind the scenes. Sex, death, and regeneration occupy an important area of your existence.

You have a kind of iconoclasm and are an extremist. There's an apparently unquenchable thirst in you for finding out what makes things tick, then reassembling them to make them work better. You do this with objects, people - even institutions, if given half a chance. Very little escapes the penetrating power of your observation. If it doesn't meet with your approval, you'll tear down any facade, theory, belief, to get to the truth. This makes you a natural detective. In science, the intensity and keenness of your curiosity can bring rich rewards, yet there is a kind of martyrdom or "self-destruct" button in the mind of almost all Scorpio rising people.

You have strong likes and dislikes. You hate and love with a white-hot fire, yet you are able to keep things to yourself until some plan of action is mapped out. Are extremely resourceful and self-reliant, and may be malicious. You have a fertile imagination. The undeveloped type, symbolized by the deadly, stinging scorpion, is capable of almost any outrage. The intermediate type is symbolized by the wily serpent, representing increased wisdom. The developed type is characterized by the high flying eagle, aspiring to the greatest possible heights. Here you will find scientists, orators, intensely devout evangelists, and fiery debaters.

Are ambitious and usually manage to gain some sort of high office or executive position. You probably enjoy the military or maritime professions. You may have been close to poverty, a condition that prevails in the early part of life. During the second half of life there is more material prosperity and good fortune than you would otherwise have believed. There are excellent opportunities to travel and make money in other countries - through your marriage partner, legal dealings and/or through relatives from marriage. You are something of a lone wolf and probably have many secret love affairs. More than one marriage. The first could result in the premature loss of the spouse through illness or accident. Eventually, despite a great series of setbacks, you will achieve the success, good position and probably the honors you have so long desired.


You often display two entirely different facets of personality. One of these is rather reticent, sensitive and impressionable. The other is courageous, daring - even reckless. By any measure you are not easy to know well. One of your chief drawbacks is the overemphasis you place on action rather than its' consequences. You are basically sympathetic, and driven by your ambition for achievement to action of some kind or another. You can't tolerate injury or injustice to others - it seems almost a personal affront. Are versatile, and clever in several areas at once. You are able to master more than one speciality.

Constraint or restraint of any kind is unbearable. You are quick to anger, but just as easily recover and do not often hold a grudge. You comprehend new ideas and ways of life with scarcely any effort, and are very progressive and clear-minded. You carry an exuberant, youthful and happy attitude - even into old age. You tend to say what you think at the moment of stimulation, but your basic nature is friendly, even gentle. About the only time you flare up is when your basic ideals are attacked. Above all else, you love and cherish your personal freedom and independence, even though you prefer a simple way of life. You suffer when trapped in a discordant environment, and will sacrifice everything rather than be tied to an unpleasant situation, person or place.

You are more complex and difficult to understand than you realize. Always on your toes, you are friendly, outgoing and gregarious, yet your watchfulness of others almost amounts to mistrust - and can result in the very deception you strive to avoid. Your courage can never be questioned, even though you may seem quiet or even timid to those who don't know you well. You are intelligent and devoted to the spirit - if not the practice - of religious belief. You are good at research and study - a reasonable person - with foresight, whose conversational abilities amount to almost eloquence. The opinions you hold are almost always unorthodox.

There's a lukewarm attitude in you toward most family ties. Some difficulty with your father or father - in-law amounts to a kind of torment worse than actual imprisonment. There probably was an early separation from your father. Conversely, you may be separated from your own children - or one of them. Your relationships with siblings is friendly enough, but many troubles are experienced through them. Two or three marriages (or similar associations) are in store for you. One of these is bad for the position and standing in life, but you will manage to extricate yourself. While you are in another country or far from home, one of your parents may die. You will travel extensively, and could be exposed to some danger when away from your home. You can anticipate a long and valuable career. Chances are you will end your days peacefully in a distant country.


Your life is based on prudence and caution, yet once embarked on a course of action, you pursue it with a dogged determination and persistence. You tend to be quietly melancholic, but you are enormously ambitious whenever your course for a certain goal is set. Among friends you can be forceful and eloquent, even if not very persuasive. Among strangers, however, you seem reticent, quiet, - even shy. Your ambition for power and prestige is almost boundless; you often display great courage and are capable of realizing your ambitions, yet achievement itself leaves you unhappy. You are a little different from the norm. This is characterized by a not-unpleasant peculiarity in the way you walk and talk. You may forgive someone who offends or injures you, but you'll never forget it. As an enemy, you can be malicious. As a friend, you are faithful and sincere.

Although you may have received the assistance of your family and the support of friends and business associates, your ultimate success can be attributed almost entirely to our own persistence and hard work. There is more than enough difficulty through siblings, who often cause considerable sorrow. Unfortunately, additional strife is caused by your family, especially your father, where marriage is concerned. Somehow you don't seem to agree and this causes secret trouble and rivalry in your immediate family. You travel a lot, and conceivably could easily face great danger while on some recondite mission.

Your children are few in number, but you tend to pin all your hopes and ambitions on the oldest, thereby creating for him an enormous burden. You tend to view your spouse as some kind of obstacle to your large ambitions. You could lose one partner in marriage, yet acquire a considerable amount of wealth from the next. The wife of a man with this rising sign is usually a wonderful career booster who influences him in many correct decisions. But the marriage has more than its share of ups and downs. In virtually every case, the love affairs are subject to enormous, far-reaching changes.

Your friends will often be connected with Mars-type professions - doctors, soldiers, chemists, marines and sportsmen. There is a likelihood of sudden, upsetting news about them...often their untimely or unexpected death. Among this group of friends, one will inadvertently cause you a great deal of strife, perhaps even a temporary loss of your reputation in middle age. Yet in spite of your own groundless worry about health and position in life - and the consequent melancholy to which you are prone - you will overcome most of your setbacks and succeed through sheer persistence and your burning ambition to reach the top of the heap.


You are honest and sincere, very idealistic and humanitarian in your outlook. In some ways you are naive, but in love you are exceptionally affectionate and constant. You are fond of scientific research and the liberal arts. In fact, you probably have a great deal of literary or artistic ability - and musical aptitude for all media. Though you prefer to live quietly and have a generally retiring viewpoint, your basic philosophy is heterodox. Your willpower is stronger than is apparent. In fact, there is a kind of inflexibility about your outlook.

In personality and temperament you are kindly and humane. Even though your temper is brittle and forceful when angered, you cannot bear malice toward anyone or anything. As you probably realize, your association is highly valued because of your innate sense of fairness and the overall endurance of your friendship. You enjoy solitude, but this doesn't mean you are a recluse. Just the opposite. You like to be with people. You are cordial, cheerful, and high-spirited, despite some undeserved adversity or reversal of fortune.

You are enormously patient and hard working, yet your efforts are seldom crowned with the success that they deserve. Whatever you do is achieved through your own devotion to a cause. Even this is liable to sudden and unexpected reversals or secret enemies who create serious obstacles. Your best friends will be found among clergymen, lawyers, journalists, and doctors. If you come into an inheritance, chances are it will be more trouble - in the long run - than it's worth.

Relatives, especially one brother, is a great source of annoyance, difficulty and trouble, particularly in business affairs, which can adversely affect your reputation. You'll take many long trips in business and in the administration of family interests. Something of a dual or secretive nature is involved in your work. Perhaps there are two or more sources of income, or you may be involved in highly classified military or governmental work. Whatever it is, detective-like secrecy is in order. You are required to take many short trips, either for your vocation or on family business. Whatever the route, it is very familiar, even tiresome to you.

Marriage is a virtual certainty, and usually happens early in your life. You have few children and will go to any length to provide for them. There's a good chance that twins might be born, but there is some danger of illness or accident to the oldest child. Your spouse has talent and is profitably employed in some artistic endeavor, such as the composition or playing of music, creating new art forms, or acting - on stage, television or movies. Your marriage is blessed with constancy and longevity; the affection of your spouse is enduring and sincere. Although it may seem that you are financially secure, it could be money that dangles just beyond your reach through some kind of legalistic maneuvering. Your children, however, will probably come into a sizable inheritance.

You have many good friends, one of whom will come to your rescue when it seems that everything is in danger of being lost. This may happen while traveling or in another country. Chances are you will live out your days in a foreign nation.


You are easily moved, romantic, imaginative and impressionable - all of which are attributes of Neptune, your ruling planet. Your mind is restless, constantly seeking new ideas for the expression of your creative talents. You are changeable, and can exercise whatever authority you may have with firmness- and yet pleasantly. You can succeed through your own efforts in science, literature or the arts. In fact, there is a good chance that you will achieve celebrity status in your field. Still, you are tortured by excessive worry and fanciful notions. Although generous by nature, you tend to pursue pleasure to a point where it might be injurious to others. Your chief ambition seems to be that of enjoying yourself and tasting the good things in life.

You are a good talker with a conversational ability that might rival the gift of eloquence. You are filled with good will and can easily put yourself in the other person's position; in fact, you tend to suffer for the underdog. Conversely, you can remain emotionally aloof from two opposing ideals and render a critical judgement of one or the other with neither bias or prejudice. Anger doesn't come easily to you, but once moved to wrath you are almost impossible to appease before wrecking some kind of vengeance, however slight.

You are passionate, impressionable and, therefore, tend to seem vacillating. The pleasure of good company is very important and you are socially successful because of your friendly, outgoing nature and cordiality. You are always busy with one thing or another, and could become successful in almost anything that interests you. You are broad-minded, knowledgeable in many fields, and can probably pursue two occupations at once. Whatever material rewards you realize will be the result of your own hard work and effort, possibly through successful writing or in traveling. However, you will find that you also enjoy the affections and loyalty of friends and relatives, who are fortunately numerous. There is a danger of premature loss of a sibling, and your parents are not able to contribute much in the way of assistance to your future or well- being. Whatever is left in the family estate may be spread so thin that it is hardly worth the trouble of administration.

Your children will be much more fortunate. And there will be several children - mostly engaged in work that takes them on extensive trips with frequent changes in residence. If a man, your wife has some kind of chronic ailment or affliction. You may marry twice because the first marriage might cause difficulty with relatives or in-laws.

Paradoxically, one of your strongest enemies in life will turn out to be your staunchest friend. You are fully capable of gaining good public recognition, honors and considerable wealth. Most of your friends are in important positions and are able to boost your career.

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