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Earth Astrology: First Nations Traditions

First Nations Earth Astrology

The Native American Astrological System has existed for many centuries, and recently made more popular by authors like SunBear and Wabun Wind in their book, The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology . Below is a brief overview of your totem and moon, based on your date of birth. Each totem corresponds to a specific animal, element, plant, stone, clan, and color.

Dates Moon/Element Animal Plant Stone Clan Color
Dec 22-Jan 19 Earth Renewal Snow Goose Birch Tree Quartz Turtle White
Jan 20-Feb 18 Rest & Cleansing Otter Aspen Silver Butterfly Silver
Feb 19-Mar 20 Big Winds Cougar Plantain Turquoise Frog Blue-Green
Mar 21-Apr 19 Budding Trees Red Hawk Dandelion Fire Opal Thunderbird Yellow
Apr 20-May 20 Frogs Return Beaver BlueCamas Chrysocolla Turtle Blue
May 21-Jun 20 Cornplanting Deer Yarrow Moss Agate Butterfly White, Green
Jun 21-Jul 22 Strong Sun Flicker Wild Rose Carnelian Frog Pink
Jul 23-Aug 22 Ripe Berries Sturgeon Raspberry Garnet Thunderbird Red
Aug 23-Sep 22 Harvest Brown Bear Violet Amethyst Turtle Purple
Sep 23-Oct 23 Ducks Fly Raven Mullein Jasper Butterfly Brown
Oct 24-Nov 21 Freeze Up Snake Thistle Malachite Frog Orange
Nov 22-Dec 21 Long Snows Elk Spruce Obsidian Thunderbird Black

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