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Year of the Rooster
Feb 9th, 2005 to Jan 28th, 2006

(Green Wood Rooster, Yiyou, Chinese Year 4702)

The Wood Rooster Year is a time when we will enjoy being a part of the team rather than in the spotlight. We will enjoy the company of others and will act more like genuine friends to others. Many will work for the betterment of society, working diligently to change the injustices and chaos within it. We will tend to expect others to pitch in as well and to give it their best. Be careful not to be harsh with others if they can't keep up with you, though. There will be a tendency to overcommit, and it could be a strain to try to get everything done. Think balance, and finish one thing before you commit to another.

On the whole, the Rooster will be a more sane and balanced year than the Year of the Monkey. Prices will even out - they tended to skyrocket in 2004. More peace and compromise will flavor this year, and the economy will pick up. Oil, energy, skin care, cosmetics, entertainment, real estate, insurance, mining, chemicals, transport, travel, shipping, communications, and retreats or spas will all do well in business. This is a year to be very careful when gambling or speculating - make sure you have all your facts before you invest. This is not a year for wild goose chases, stick with the tried and true. If you work hard, and are congenial with others you should do well this year. Make sure you get lots of rest though - don't overwork: and avoid back injuries and strains to the joints! Avian flu and intestinal parasites/infections/troubles should be avoided as well.

Gold is favored in the Rooster Year, but check the quality and price carefully before investing. Do wear it though if you have it! In fact, the Metal element is very strong this year in addition to Wood. This is a year to keep things as simple as possible and to live by your highest moral standards. Keep your values sharp and lofty. Politics could suffer if leaders don't live by these rules as well. If politicians focus on resolving conflicts and learn to compromise, many inroads can occur. Family life is rewarding this year, and romance can flourish for many of us. It is important that you allow your self time for R and R, and time to appreciate all that you have been blessed with. Green is a good color to wear this year, especially in natural fibers. Gems like malachite, emerald, peridot, jade, green onyx or green garnet are very harmonizing and energizing for all of us to wear. It is also very important to spend time out in nature as much as possible to regain a sense of calm and peace.

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