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Year of the Pig
Feb 5th, 2019 to Jan 24th, 2020

(Female Earth Pig, Yin, Hai, Wu Xing, Chinese Year 4716)

The Earth Pig Year is a softer, more amicable time - the Pig is a gracious hostess who invites all to feast at her banquet table. Not all will accept the invitation: some signs relish the relaxed and peaceful nature of the Pig more than others do. If you allow yourself to just 'be', without always striving and doing, running yourself ragged - this can be a very fulfilling and self-reflective year. But the energy of the Pig is not only peaceful - the Pig loves to socialize and get together with kindred spirits for a delightful feast and connecting. This could be an extravagant year, with plenty of money flowing to finance these feasts. Some predict that this will also be a Year of less international conflicts since the Pig is a natural water creature and this is the Earth Pig year - earth and water are compatible and nourish each other. Each individual person can choose to tap the Pig energy and use it for very wonderful and fulfilling activities.

Pig energy is very gracious, uplifting, self-less, and non-discriminating. It is the essence of the Animal that is important in any one year. The Pig energy is also very supportive of the arts and creative ventures. Time to tune into your inner muse, to reflect (keep a journal or draw, dance, sing, laugh). There will be some who do not welcome this softer, more caring energy - and they will waste their lives and time engaged in turmoil - and trying to get others on board. Don't let them succeed in your life! More and more people will learn how to harness the laws of the Universe and work from there, rather than just react to what they hear or read in the news - inner faculties will develop as we learn to listen to our deep inner knowing.

It is up to each one of us how we channel this Pig energy. We will all be called upon to establish a relationship with Mother Earth, and to change our lifestyles to protect her and learn to regard her as sacred. This Year is the perfect time to begin to create a cozy, secure home on this planet, without making her suffer in the process. Many people will begin their journey of stewardship this year, looking ahead to the repurcussions of their actions on future generations, and wanting to work together with others to create a new reality here in the 3D plane. More Bills will be passed, laws changed, and forward ecological movement will occur this year. The Pig finishes up the activist energy begun in 2018 in the Year of the Dog. Those who try to "pull the wool over the public's eyes" will be exposed this year, and people will begin to band together to stop the lies, deceit, and disregard for humanity that have had free reign over the past few years. It is time to wake up, smell the roses, but also to keep a discerning eye out for those who would capitalize on people's vulnerability just to make a quick buck. Time to focus on what is REALLY important in life, this year!

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