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Year of the Golden Snake

(White Snake, Snake Sleeping in Winter)

The Snake heralds a wonderful energy for New Millennium humane initiatives, creativity and morale values. If one lives from the Spirit, demonstrating integrity, virtue and imagination, this year will be a marvel! Human kind as a whole can take amazing strides to make this a better world for all of us. The key is benevolent intent and rolling up our sleeves and digging in. We will tend to be more humane, more just and kind. Cultivate diligence, wisdom and justice to reap the most benefits from the Serpent energy.

In Love, the Snake can cause some wandering hearts. You must be diligent if you wish your current Love to remain intact. The wandering eye will affect many of us. Easy to fall into an affair, so beware! Temptations and opportunities will abound, for the wavering. The green eyed monster is also very much alive in Snake Years. Beware of jealousy!

Hard work in the career area will be rewarded this year. Jobs will be easier to find and land. More money will flow into our hands, and we will want to spend it on comfort and leisure. To a point, go ahead. Just make sure the basics are covered too - a very important part of sustained comfort.

For the creative, Snake Years are especially rewarding. This is a time of artistic pursuits, pleasure, beauty and enlightenment. A reflective and introspective year, wonderful for self-development initiatives and philosophical understanding. Turn your attention to inner growth and the spiritual world in a creative way to experience amazing results!

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