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How the Twelve Animal Archetypes Will Fare in the Year of the Earth Mouse or Rat

RAT or MOUSE - |1900 |1912 |1924 |1936 |1948 |1960 |1972 |1984 | 1996 | 2008 | 2020 | 2032 |

This is your Year - if you are wise and diligent, this can be a very fortunate year for you, but you are going to have to be disciplined, and find healthy ways to deal with your restlessness and anxiety. Make clear goals and don't let anyone or anything sway you from them. This is the perfect year to take stock of where you are in your life, and where you want to go in the next twelve years. Buy a journal and begin to map this out. Write everything down, your goals, aspirations, strategies for getting there, and resources you can use to help you along your way. If you discipline yourself, this can be a memorable transformative year that will come to be viewed as a crossroads year for you as you look back in time.

OX - |1901 |1913 |1925 |1937 |1949 |1961 |1973 |1985 | 1997 | 2009 | 2021 |

The Mouse or Rat Year is a very special year for the mighty, steady Ox - you will feel at "home" this year and can make great strides in all avenues of life. This is the perfect time to apply your wonderful devotion and ability to stay with things to good advantage - you will reap the benefits in your career, your family life, your finances, socially, and in your own personal self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. This is the Year for you to truly connect with your own inner strength and Power. You have always known that you had a great reservior within you, but you also have struggled with self-esteem issues. Well, now is the time to throw off those inhibiting shackles and to begin (from now on) to believe in the integrity, utility, brilliance, and power of your own inner being!
TIGER - |1902 |1914 |1926 |1938 |1950 |1962 |1974 |1986 | 1998 | 2010 | 2022 |

The Rat or Mouse Year does not feel as comfortable as the Pig Year did to the powerful Tiger. You will need to work diligently to keep your calm and reserve in the midst of what feels like a frenzy around you. The Earth energy of this Rat Year will help you to do this as long as you nurture "down" time and regularly spend time close to nature. Be discerning in all matters of the heart, and watch out for deceivers. Take time to relax and enjoy the sociable nature of the year, but do keep an eagle eye out for 'trouble'. Also watch out for power struggles - you are the epitome of the serious leader, but you may feel challenged about this from those who are unclear of your integrity and staying-power.
RABBIT/CAT - |1903 |1915 |1927 |1939 |1951 |1963 |1975 |1987 | 1999 | 2011 | 2023 |

The Mouse Year could well be a powerful Year of the Heart for the discerning Rabbit-Cat. There is a lot of passion around you this year - romantically, but also in the areas of life passions. You will seek adventure, may well travel to distant lands, and will be drawn to exciting investments and ventures. All of these could work out well, as long as you make sure to nurture yourself and not allow yourself to be conned or exhausted. This is an auspicious time for marriage or at least commited relationships for the Cat people. Be careful to stay in your center though - the frenzy of the Rat Year could irritate you causing you to lose your cool.
DRAGON - |1904 |1916 |1928 |1940 |1952 |1964 |1976 |1988 | 2000 | 2012 | 2024 |

Mouse or Rat Years are very exciting for the mystical Dragon, and promise new liaisons, projects, and adventures to keep your soul and being happy and zestful. This is the perfect year for going into the limelight for the Dragon people, and to gain recognition for your many gifts. Be careful of domestic strain though - all that adventuring can put a damper on your home or romantic life! But all in all, this will be a very regal year for the Dragon - you could well find your new niche this year; people will quickly accept your leadership abilities; and your goals can all come to life this Year!
SNAKE - |1905 |1917 |1929 |1941 |1953 |1965 |1977 |1989 | 2001 | 2013 | 2025 |

This promises to be a stellar Year for the Creative Snake people - if they are smart, they can come out of this Year with a transformed life, in all aspects, including romance, love, home, career, social recognition and self development. Be wary though of those who would "upset the apple cart" in your life, especially in the areas of love and romance. Resist the tempations that can present themselves! You must discipline yourself as far as finances go this Year. Avoid going into new debt, and work hard to keep your accounts balanced and on track. But this is an excellent year to work on your money-making abilities; prepare yourself for your chosen career; make new contacts that can help you as move along your career path - you could well make a name for yourself this year, if you play your cards right.
HORSE - |1906 |1918 |1930 |1942 |1954 |1966 |1978 |1990 | 2002 | 2014 | 2026 |

The Mouse/Rat Year can be a challenging one for the adventurous Horse people, but if you play your cards right by taking care of yourself, being aware of deceivers and con artists, and relaxing into the flow of this Year, you can make strides in your life pursuits. This is definitely NOT the year to make great changes in your life. Keep things together, including your relationships and home base. You need to protect yourself this year - avoid traveling, especially out of the country and be very careful about signing important documents. This is a good time though to keep to yourself and develop a new skill or build your knowledge. You will gain the most from this year when you learn to enjoy doing things on your own. You will also enjoy the part atmosphere of this year, but try and keep a low profile.
GOAT/SHEEP/RAM - |1907 |1919 |1931 |1943 |1955 |1967 |1979 |1991 | 2003 | 2015 | 2027 |

The gentle Goat/Ram will learn to be grounded in their center this year, since the fast-paced Rat energy can be a bit much to handle at times. BUT the Earth energy, and the high intellectual energy of this Year can be used to your advantage. You could well be the group that contributes the most to society this Year if you give yourself lots of space and quietude to write, create, design, advocate, plant and sow. Your creative dedication to the betterment of human kind as well as all other beings on the planet can be harnessed in remarkable ways to really make a difference this Year! Do make sure though, that you take time to nurture your soul, since you have a tendency to drive yourself to burn-out! This is a good year to indulge yourself in spiritual and self-development practices.
MONKEY - |1908 |1920 |1932 |1944 |1956 |1968 |1980 |1992 | 2004 | 2016 | 2028 |

Playful Monkeys will have a lot of fun in the Rat/Mouse Year, full of adventure, socializing, romance, and intimacy. Make sure to use protection! You will shine in many aspects of your life, including your work, your social life, and your ability to attract new love interests. Do be discerning though, you need to be watchful of those who would "pull the wool over your eyes": also watch out for scam artists and thieves. Still, you will shine this year and many friends and new acquaintances will come to you for advice, support, and friendship. Monkeys love this, and will bask in the respect and comradeship they feel this year. This year is perfect for beginning new ventures: marriage, a new home, new career, or traveling to experience new cultures and geography. People will be more open to you, you can acquire backing for that new enterprise a lot more easily this year, and people will want to know you.
ROOSTER - |1909 |1921 |1933 |1945 |1957 |1969 |1981 |1993 | 2005 | 2017 | 2029 |

The dramatic Rooster will enjoy the lively Rat energy this year, and will spend perhaps too much time reveling in the party atmosphere potentiated by the Rat energy. Many will be drawn to marry or begin new love affairs this year, but do be on your toes and watchful for those who will try to deceive you. Your relationships could also be quite a strain, especially if you are impatient and judgemental of your partner. This is not a year to spend money on trivial pleasures: instead, use the pack-rat sort of energy this year to begin to save your money. You will be tempted to spend your hard-earned money on fun and indulgences, but resist this like the plague. Once and awhile, it's fine to indulge yourself, but the Rat year will make you want to "party-hardy" and you will regret it one the fun is over.
DOG - |1910 |1922 |1934 |1946 |1958 |1970 |1982 |1994 | 2006 | 2018 | 2030 |

The patient Dog people will have to be just that - very patient - to navigate this year successfully. This is a year when you need to exercise your fine watchful characteristics - avoid debt, especially new debt this year, and be very careful of your heart if single. It is imperative that you nurture yourself on a regular basis this year, to avoid overexhaustion and illness. It is very important that you stay fully aware of just how special you are, because you may well feel like you are at the mercy of the slings and arrows of trivial ignorant people at times. Keep your head high, and your self-esteem strong. You are a very dedicated and trust-worthy person, and should feel proud of yourself, no matter what. If you do this, you will stay on course, in a steady sort of way. You may not hit it big this year, but you will hold your own. Just avoid the madness as much as possible!
PIG - |1911 |1923 |1935 |1947 |1959 |1971 |1983 |1995 | 2007 | 2019 | 2031 |

The sweet Pig will enjoy a rich romantic life this year if single, and a deepening of intimacy if already in a relationship. You do need to guard against deception though, and temptation for extramarital affairs may intrigue you. You will be popular this year and can enjoy a very rich, satisfying social life if you choose the right company. This is a year to show the world what a wonderful person you really are. You will gain more respect from others this year, you will finally begin to come into your own. You are not one to toot your own horn, but this Year, people will not be able to avoid seeing your sterling worth! You will feel more admired, respected, protected, and fortified this year. This is the perfect time to begin to plan out the next 12 years. What do you want to accomplish? Write it down, and do something each day to take another step closer to your goals.

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