Tuning into Feminine Energy through the Tarot

The tarot focuses on several individual archetypes and concepts, pointing to insights related to many aspects of human concern. One of the most evident archetypes of the deck is Feminine Energy. In the magical realm of the Tarot, feminine energy is not seen as subordinate or passive in essence. It is seen more as a complement, a creative urge - energy well worth paying attention to, for both men and women. Several cards within the tarot speak to the reader of feminine energy from different perspectives. Three major Arcana and eight minor ones all specifically pertain to feminine energy. These include the Moon, the High Priestess, the Empress from the Major Arcana. The four Queens and four Princesses (Pages) of the Court Cards in the Minor Arcana are also feminine in nature.

The Moon

This card is number XVIII in the Major Arcana which shows the waning and waxing of the moon which represents various forms of female energy, from maidenhood to elder wisdom. The Moon stands for the subconscious waters that flow in our dreams and visionary reveries. The Moon points out what is hidden within us. It shows what we must confront, not ignore. We must face the unknown element represented by The Moon. It tells us to seize the challenge our subconscious presents and not run from it, or we lose the opportunity of enlightenment. Passage, Choice, Truth, Illusion, and Romance are all qualities of the Moon card. The Moon´s influences touches on psychism, internal development and ease of inner communication. This all personifies the commonly accepted feminine trait of intuition and internal insight. It represents subconscious awareness, intuition, the mystical.

The High Priestess

This card is number II in the Major Arcana which shows the evolved maiden, full of strong intuitive feminine energy. The High Priestess relies on her inner strengths and powerful insight to make her judgements and complete tasks. She represents hidden knowledge and great mystery. Basically this card tells us to continue on our pathway towards "enlightenment". The High Priestess points out the need to build a Sanctuary of Energy. She sits, the Moon at her feet, between the two pillars of the energies of night and day, before a veil decorated with pomegranates, symbols of fertility.

Behind her veil is the sanctuary of energy and the secret of endogenous, continuous, creation, as the result of charging the two poles of energy, positive and negative. She holds the equal role of the feminine in manifestation, the position of the human psyche in the scheme of creation, and the place to look for the Presence of God. She is theShekinah. She is fertile, engendering the entire universe in response to male infinite energy. This ongoing co-creation is the secret of the High Priestess. She is reflective, receptive. She seeks not action, but rather mirrors the actions of others. She represents true and total creativity, but not creativity in the physical form; she is creativity of thought, the idea behind all form. She is transcendent of all that is physical.

The planetary rulership for the High Priestess is the Moon. The Moon is untouched by mundane desires and petty sexual idiosyncracies. It represents the role of the High Priestess, as the connecting link between our conscious and subconscious minds, our physical bodies and our ethereal souls. She is the balancing power between two opposites, light and dark. She has no preference for either, but merely awaits the result of a focused effort of the recipient´s conscious mind. In spiritual terms, the Priestess represents the middle pillar between the Father in his most glorious aspect, and the Son in his most perfect manifestation. She is the direct connection, the most spiritual form of Isis and Artemis, clothed only in a radiant veil of light.

The Empress

This card is number III in the Major Arcana which shows The Earth Mother and Mother Nature energy. This energy connects one to the Source, the primal energy, of cosmic energy as instinct. The Empress is the cosmic female who brings fruitfulness and fertility, a strong creative energy, material abundance, marriage, pregnancy, family growth and nurturance. She has Venus on her shield and projects unstructured energy into space and time. She represents the Goddess of Love, bringin material satisfaction to our lives, or (for males) an increased ability or a statement that they need to work more with the feminine part of their personality. The Empress symbolizes the essence of femininity as represented by the great mother Goddess of the world´s most ancient religion. She can be seen as the representative of what Goethe called "the eternal feminine."

The Empress is the nurturer, the life giver. Her planetary ruler is Venus. Venus seeks to bring beauty and elegance, balance and harmony, into whatever environment it appears. She represents the highest of spiritual qualities, and the lowest of the material. She is symbolic of the deepest kind of unconditional and nurturing love. She is the ultimate expression of all that is feminine, mysterious, receptive, and magnetic. Her arms are where we all long to return for safety, security, love, and comfort. She is music, art, beauty, sex and all the other good things in life. The woman’s womb is the door to life, and so is the Empress card.

The Queen Cards

The Queens (one for each suit of the Minor Arcana) represent inner and personal control. They have the ability to nurture, heal and develop the areas indicated by the suit involved. They tend to channel the power and rule from the heart. They can represent a creator, mother or the anima in a man or the sense of self in a woman. Queens are less active than Kings. They are focused on feelings and thoughts and are full of feminine energy.

The Queens represent the watery side of each element, the daughters of the old Kings. Queens are motherly advisors. They are caring, loving and nurturing. The Queen of Pentacles speaks of financial affairs. The Queen of Cups speaks of the heart and friendships. The Queen of Swords relates to intellectual topics and the Queen of Wands counsels about careers.

The Princess Cards

The Princesses or Pages (one for each suit of the Minor Arcana) represent new aspects of our identity emerging and are a sign to be open to new ways and ideas. They act as catalysts for change and tell us to be open to new possibilities and potential. They represent the young female, the child, student, apprentice - your inner child; innocent, naive and open to learn and experience. Princesses are often clear signals from your Inner Guide that the time is right for action. They tell you there is a good opportunity coming up in your life.

The Princesses are Watchers - they are always observing something. This something pertains to the suit to which they belong. They watch whatever is represented by their suit. They signal the need to look at a matter - to study it, to be open to "messages" or new ways and ideas. They act as catalysts for change, indicating an opportunity present. They take risks and are open to new possibilities. They represent a messenger.

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