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The Rune stones originate in the Magic of the Celts, the Vikings and Norse people, the German Teutonics, and the ancient Dutch traditions. Basically, they are Tools of Divination - a set of 24 stones, each inscribed with a letter of a very ancient alphabet. This alphabet existed long before the Latin and Greek ones thrived. The alphabet was worked with, and expanded to become a magical and spiritual discipline still relevant today.

This cluster of magical symbols engraved or painted on stones is called a futhark- technically known as the Elder Futhark. The Runes take us back to the earliest origins of the stirrings of mystical consciousness.

Each individual Rune has dual meanings. A practical, day-by-day life directive and a deeper esoteric message are available. Divination originated as a sacred act of taking counsel from the heavens, and the Runes are a time-tested method of divining answers to your questions.

The Runes operate as a language. They can communicate information about your questions, or guide you in a free-flow way. The reader gets a clear picture of your recent past and current situation, and can deduce probable future developments.

The Runes can also be used to pinpoint Psychological problems and influences . Runes can be used to counsel a person and help to clear up repressed past traumas. Armed with this knowledge, you can choose the best way to deal with any blockages and barriers, and equip yourself with inner strength and insight.

Marriage and Relationship counseling can also be effectively done by casting the Runes. Each selected Rune relates to a specific area of your relationships. By becoming aware of potential problems and tensions, you and your partner can work together to overcome any barriers to your intimacy and contentment.

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