Tuning into Male Energy through the Tarot

Tarot cards reflect an undeniable study of human and superhuman archetypes. A very strong archetype of every tarot deck is Male Energy. In the Tarot, male energy occurs in several unique contexts. It is seen as a complement to female energy and reflects the evolved nature of men. Several cards within the tarot speak to the reader of male energy from different perspectives. Five major Arcana and eight minor ones all specifically pertain to male energy. These include the Magician, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Hermit and the Hanged Man from the Major Arcana. The four Kings and four Knights of the Court Cards are also male in essence.

The Magician

The Magician represent the first card of the Major Arcana, Number I. The Magician is the card of beginnings and getting off to a good start. It denotes male qualities of self-confidence, creativity, determination, willpower, self-control, skill, craft, purposeful action, energy, activity and vitality. It is the drive to choose one´s own direction, to realize their Higher true Self. This card shows the evolved man in tune with his will and intention, merrily creating and materializing new possibilities. He shows the skills and creative gifts that have not been used yet. He is our inner guide, our infinite inspiration to work for the higher good, using our magical powers of intention, will and creativity.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the Number IV card of the Major Arcana. The Emperor represents a very powerful male influence, one that denotes power and authority. The Emperor shows the evolved male characteristics of self-discipline, organization, stability and using action as the path to fulfillment. This card also shows promotions and evolvement to positions of respect and responsibility. The Emperor is a mature, strong regal man full of confidence and wisdom. He is the strong-willed, benevolent patriarch, looking fondly at his protege. However, if ill aspected, the Emperor shows an overbearing and insensitive side, one that reeks of the negative stereotypes of the male influence.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the Number V card of the Major Arcana. He represents the orthodox and conventional teacher, counselor or advisor male energy in the Tarot. He speaks of moral, religious and social conventions in a positive and stabilizing sense. He reminds us to contemplate the idea of tradition, and honor. The Hierophant urges you to examine your beliefs and your faith. To test it in the arena of life. We are told to trust our hearts as our seat of strength. He explains the mysteries and represents the masculine, fire, or sun aspect of the soul. He also represents education, especially in higher educational arenas.

The Hermit

The Hermit is the Number IX card of the Major Arcana. He represents reflection, solitude and introspection. He tells us that we need to take a temporary break from the world, or at least our routine. We need to retreat in order to establish inner balance. The Hermit tends to point out ways that are unorthodox, thus may be unwelcome in some circles. He represents the deep heart of the true seeker of truth and light. He is comfortable with himself and does not depend on others for recognition or comfort. He is just as happy to be on his own. He disdains superficial interactions or relationships. The Hermit also represents a powerful inner union, the bonding of soul mates.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the Number XII card of the Major Arcana. He represents change and sacrifice. He shows the male spirit cloaked in strength, fortitude and endurance, the provider willing to sacrifice his own needs for the good of the brood. His sacrifice ultimately leads to spiritual and emotional fulfillment. He leads to transformation after going through a "dark night of the soul" transition. He points out all of the inherent beliefs, values, blocked thought patterns and limitations that stop us from truly becoming transformed. He shows us what we need to give up or rise above in order to evolve. He shows us how to move out of a rut, out of stagnation into renewed development.

The Kings

The King is The Ruler, The Pharaoh, The Father and the Monarch. He has a strong foundation in and awareness of his world, so he can bring others to him and create order. He maintains his regal composure despite obnoxious energy around him. He speaks with a calm and reassuring voice, full of encouragement and empowerment. He is the ultimate patriarch without the oppressive qualities of patriarchy. He is full of benevolent power. Kings are the embodiment of mature, masculine heart and strength. He is the capacity to reach our full potential. As well, he is the mature warrior, an impeccable blend of skill, training, self-discipline, and mastery. He is also the evolved Lover, who experiences joy and delight, and ecstasy in the sensory, sensual realms.

The Knights

There is a Knight card for each suit of the Minor Arcana - Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands. The Knight is the classic hero of fairy tales - a protector and a rescuer. Knights allow us to release ourselves from the past, especially the past that has inhibited or scarred us. Often this release is a relationship but it can also mean leaving a job or place of residence. The Knights are symbolic of "clean breaks." Each Knight appears on a magnificent steed, defenders of the reigning suit's Queen and Princess. Knights are also the proverbial explorers, traveling into the unknown to provide for his charges. Traversing new lands and bringing back gifts and new knowledge. He is focused, full of intent and purpose. Male energy is a powerful archetype in the Tarot. When dignified, it is strong, noble and full of promise. However, if ill dignified, it represents the opposite - male weakness, deception and misguided ventures. It is important to tune into the particular quality of male energy exhibited during a reading. The cards chosen can reflect a very clear picture of how male or yang energy pertains to a particular person or situation.

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