PSY 130: Sound and Music for Healing and Self Development


Music for Healing This 8 week course introduces the theory and practical application of using sound, chants, and music for self development, healing, and efficiency. Learn how to apply music and sound to enhance learning, meditation, spiritual awareness, reverie, creativity, intuition, and wholistic integration. Taught by an expert in the field of applying music to enhance physiological and psychological relaxation and integration, this course is done online at your own pace, in a one to one mode with the instructor.

Particular focus is given to the use of music to:

  • enhance comfort and relaxation;
  • simulate alpha brain wave patterns;
  • facilitate relaxation and deep breathing;
  • help to regulate parasympathetic nervous system;
  • promote creativity and innovation;
  • enhance pain relief and healing;
  • promote sleep;
  • enhance learning.


Although this course is best done in eight weeks, learners are encouraged to approach the content in a self-paced, individualized way. One to one interaction with the course facilitator is a primary feature of this process. This course is done completely online from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. All necessary study materials are included in the course fee, including readings and downloadable documents. You may enroll at any time.

Additional supplies will be required to create specific music tapes and/or CDs including a reliable tape recorder or computer-based sound recording system; blank tapes or CDs; and a reliable microphone. For those who wish to create their own music or add other sounds to the tapes, access to musical instruments or computer software or hardware, or access to recordable nature sounds (such as ocean waves, the wind, rain falling, birds singing, and so on) will be needed.


This course is intended to provide the learner with the opportunity to:
  • Comprehend basic music and sound theory, history, categories and components relevant to health and healing
  • Understand and apply theory related to the physiological and pyschological effects of various types of music and sound
  • Explore the dynamics of applying music and sound for pain relief and relaxation, energizing and balance
  • Explore principles of using music with various age groups, and apply these to specific situations
  • Engage in the process of creating health-promoting music and sound tapes and/or CDs for personal use
  • Explore the process of applying specific music and sounds in various contexts
  • Create music and sound recordings for selected purposes
  • Practice applying music and sound for selected purposes
  • Apply, engage in and assess the utility of the selected music and sound resources created


Learners will be assessed using the following methods (both self and instructor evaluation):

  • Personal Journal and Weekly Worksheets: 20%
  • Music and Sound Application Exercises: 10%
  • Major Therapeutic Music Project (recorded): 35%
  • Music Project Application and Analysis: 25%

Upon completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion for a 24 hour course.


Rajuna has practiced, written about, and taught people how to use music and sound for healing for over 15 years. her Master's thesis was on "The Effect of Soothing Music on Neonatal Behavioral States in the Hospital Newborn Nursery'. She is also completing her PhD in Technology Education, with an emphasis on e-learning and online course development.


TOTAL TUITION: $99 USD which includes instruction, resources and worksheets.

Fee may be paid using PayPal, international money order or certified check.

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