Earth Energy Reading


Personalized insightful Readings focused on your ties with the Magic of Earth, vortexes, leylines and energy. Your local area is dowsed and attuned to, for location of power spots that you can engage with. Your special message from the Earth energies is analyzed. Amazingly accurate!

When you feel the energy of the Earth, you are tuning into the complex grid that has been known and related to by people around the world, since ancient times. Called different names by different people, the science of earth meridian energy is many millennia old. In his book, "The Crystal Planet" Joseph Jochmans described the various cultural views of earth's energy.

Aboriginal peoples in Australia called them the dream lines: Polynesian people called meridians in the surrounding waters "te lapa". "In Ireland they are remembered as fairy paths, and in Germany as holy lines. The Greeks knew them as the Sacred Roads of Hermes, while the ancient Egyptians regarded them as the Pathways of Min.

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