Dimensional Integration Reading


Scientists, especially quantum physicists, are beginning to realize that the universe is comprised of many dimensions. The world as we know it rises from an inner sphere of dimensions which forms an invisible framework. Dimensions are organized based on the density of its foundational energy - the elemental dimension being the densest in matter. Within this framework there exist inner passageways that we all can learn to consciously travel (we do so without knowing it, all the time).

Our physical senses let us perceive our 3 dimensional reality but often mask our perception of the other equally valid dimensions we exist in. The self that you think of as "You" is only one small part of your entire actual identity. We have the knowledge and understanding of this multidimensional world, right at our fingertips - we just need to take the blinders off and tune in!

You must widen your vision of who exactly you are. Self-development and investigation help you to expand your perceptions to begin to get glimpses of these other realities. With practice, you can learn to tune into your multiple dimensions quite effortlessly and very successfully. This helps your whole Being to evolve, as well as gives all others a "lift up" the evolutionary path. We are all connected. This reading will help point you in the right direction for dynamic dimensional integration.

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