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Attune to your personal guides and totems. In depth analysis of current guide energy and energies that accompany you on your Path. Amazingly accurate! Whether we know it or not, we are all surrounded by beings that exist on dimensions very near to ours - they are all around us, every day of our lives. By gaining awareness of certain spirit beings that stay close to us, we can tap the rich store of spiritual gifts they offer us. Heightened creativity, psychic experiences, knowing, feelings of comfort, safety and protection and actual physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing are just some of these wonderful gifts.

All of us have spirit guides. These guides can manifest in many different ways. Animal totems, guardian angels, nature spirits, the spirits of passed on loved ones, mythical entities and wise teachers, healers or mystics are common guide figures, across cultures. Since the dawn of human beings, people of all cultures have communicated with the spirit world. Ancient shamanic societies around the world communicated with nature spirits as well as celestial beings. Every culture has their own version of rituals to communicate with spirit. Many include talking with the angels and the nature spirits. Working with one's totem or guide has been a highly regarded act for millennia.

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