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Welcome to Rajuna's Refuge Shop. Here you will products such as e-books, mystical website templates, an assortment of readings and personalized meditations, and spells.

Every reading is meticulously prepared and aesthetically presented. Rajuna takes the time to ensure that your personal questions are fully answered, and strategies to help you move past your current challenges are included.

Rajuna has provided accurate, soul-guided readings since the early 1970's. Combined with her PhD study, and Masters degree, Rajuna uses her deep insight into human motivations, aspirations, and needs to help you explore your current situation and plan your best course of action for a prosperous and joyful future.

Rajuna studied with the Rosicrucians for 9 years, is a distant energy healer, and has researched the use of Art, Music and Sound for healing and affecting states of consciousness. Her Master's thesis was on Soothing Music and Newborn States of Consciousness. She has trained in female mysteries, Earth attunement, astrology, tarot, runes, sacred geometry, self-hypnosis, visualization, numerology, Angel, crystal and past life reading. She helps others develop their psychic and holistic abilities; discover the reasons for their concerns, and plan for self-development, healing and wholeness.

As I begin to read, I always ask my client to try to relax, breathe deep and fall into an alpha state. This facilitates their flowing with the energy of their Higher Self, who then guides me in my reading. Guides reveal patterns of energy, Life Tasks, Blocks, Path-related choices, Health, the energy of their current relationships and situations, and future probabilities. I try to weave all aspects of a client's life together: spiritual development, relationships, career, finances and future opportunities are all interrelated. I share my perceptions from a Soul level, to help them see the big picture, not just spelling out situations that they already know about. I enjoy reading for serious people who hunger for soul development and are willing to open and grow to realize their Life Path.

My special talent is to use my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities to read people's energy patterns and Life Purpose and helping them to clear, heal and magnify their energy.

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