Past Life Regression

Past life regression can be done in two ways. A qualified professional can guide a person through imagery and light hypnosis to help them reexperience a past life. Or, a person can learn to regress themselves in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Either way, with practice the experience can be a vivid and seemingly real. Regressed individuals usually feel multisensory sensations from their past lives. They might see and hear the sounds and sights around them. They might smell the flowers in their memory or feel the carress of the wind. All of the senses can be noticed with practice and relaxation.

A professional regression commonly lasts for 90 minutes to two hours, often in the therapist's office. Discussion is followed by relaxation, then regression. Each therapist has their own unique way of leading their client's back through time. A common theme is the promotion of stillness through deep breathing, closed eyes and complete muscle relaxation. Often a visualization or imagery method is used to guide the person back and still further back until they begin to experience the environment of their memory.

Self regression is done in a similar vein, but without a facilitator to guide you. Often, people will create an imagery audio tape to listen to which serves in the same capacity as a facilitator. Using self-hypnosis you can program your mind to relax and delve into pertinent areas of the subconscious that pertain to your past life memories.

A script especially prepared for you is available as part of Rajuna's Past Life Readings.


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