© Yantra Om by June Kaminski, 1999

© Yantra Om by June Kaminski, 1999


Meditation Preparation

Within this artwork lies symbols that reveal the sacred OM – which can be recited as a mantra. Om Mani Padme Hum is a Tibetan Buddhist mantra which fills the body and heart with compassion when chanted and meditated upon. “Spinning the written form of the mantra around in a Mani wheel (or prayer wheel) is also believed to give the same benefit as saying the mantra, and Mani wheels, small hand wheels and large wheels with millions of copies of the mantra inside, are found everywhere in the lands influenced by Tibetan Buddhism” ( Dharma Haven).

Recite the Mantra at least ten times to reach a state of quiet calm.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum…

(Listen to the Mantra’s pronunciation as a: WAV or a REAL AUDIO file)


Once you are grounded by the mantra, gaze at the Yantra Om artwork and contemplate the following phrase for as long as is comfortable.

I am connected to all that surrounds me.
The energetic strings that link all things course through my being.
All that I do, think and say matters.
My decisions and actions richochet throughout All That Is.
I am a capable and responsible part of all that exists, and all that will exist.
I radiate my power and my compassion to All that surrounds me.
I am grounded, I am free, I am precise in the expression of my intent.
I am whole. I AM.

© Yantra Om Artwork and Meditation – June Kaminski, 2004

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