Today brings the Year of the Green Wooden Horse!

January 30th, 2014 to February 18th, 201

(Green Horse, Jiawu , Chinese Year 4712)


The Horse Year brings a lively high-spirited energy to the world around You. It demands that you quicken your energy and keep up with the pace, or be left behind. Much like the free-spirited wild stallion, the Horse Year offers lots of action, adventure and volatile emotions. This is not the Year to plod along, but rather to make quick spontaneous decisions, moving into action mode right from the start. Get used to deciding on your feet, and being open to new and unusual choices.

The key words this Year are romance, adventure and daring action. Changes will be around every corner – you will need your wits about you to deal with these as well as capitalize on them. Follow your inner voice coupled with good sound common sense. If you can do this, you will profit from this intensely yang, male-energy time.

Often the Horse is associated with times of war and political tension. National leaders would do well to count to ten before making any major decisions – and to do so with an air of goodwill, considering the welfare of all involved. It is an important year to examine our motives for both our decisions and our behaviors. The Horse can be a wonderfully enlightened, free and honorable creature – or it can be used as a vehicle for destruction, oppressive labor and wanton recklessness. It is up to each of us to choose how we will display our own energy mixed with the expansive and powerful Horse energy.

The ultimate purpose of the Wooden Horse energy is to spur us to reach high – to attune with the purest form of our own expression and being. It signals us to accept nothing less than liberty and freedom (for all) and to help the human race evolve to a masterful and altruistic level. The Horse is traditionally a Fire Animal – mixed with the Wood elements, it brings intense heat and combustibility. You will want to travel, to spend, to experience and be more independent. We will all want to shake off the shackles of whatever oppresses and holds us down in our lives. It is important to avoid the narcissitic qualities that sprout up and to maintain faithfulness in relationships. People will be too quick to give up and move on. Make sure you think before you leap, especially in matters of finance, career and romance.

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