Quickening Your Energy to Travel Dimensional Travels
Quickening Your Energy for Travel Elemental Dimension Astral Dimension Ethereal Dimension Celestial Dimension Causal Dimension Cosmic Dimension Integration of Dimensions

Scientists, especially quantum physicists, are beginning to realize that the universe is comprised of many dimensions. The world as we know it rises from an inner sphere of dimensions which forms an invisible framework. Dimensions are organized based on the density of its foundational energy - the elemental dimension being the densest in matter.

Within this framework there exist inner passageways that we all can learn to consciously travel (we do so without knowing it, all the time). Aboriginal peoples were fully aware of their involvement with other dimensions or worlds. They knew their place in these worlds and consciously experienced them in an integrated way. In both the waking and dream states, we can learn to tap the rich resources, knowledge, communion and love available to us on our inner dimensions.

There are multiple layers and varieties of matter, all around us. We can not see these with our physical senses but we have inner senses that can tune in quite readily, once we allow them to. In his wonderful book, "The Holographic Universe", Michael Talbot (1991) wrote: "Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both time and space. The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe," (p.54).

Michael Talbot (p. 166) categorized our bodies as:

  • Physical
  • Etheric (energy blueprint, guides, shapes growth of physical)
  • Astral (emotional)
  • Causal (intuitive)
  • and 3 higher Spiritual
Our physical senses let us perceive our 3 dimensional reality but often mask our perception of the other equally valid dimensions we exist in. The self that you think of as "You" is only one small part of your entire actual identity. We have the knowledge and understanding of this multidimensional world, right at our fingertips - we just need to take the blinders off and tune in. "The subtler levels of reality can be accessed through a shift in consciousness alone." (Talbot, 1991, p. 262). Multidimensional awareness is naturally available in the dream state, in trances, meditation - and for evolved people, in the normal waking state. When we aspire to develop inwardly and reach toward Spirit, we are developing our ability to become aware of our higher dimensional world.

According to Seth, we all have psychological doors that lead into dimensionally greater areas of the psyche (Nature of the Psyche, 1987). Many of the other dimensions that we live in are clear to us as we sleep and dream. Fred Alan Wolf theorized that dreams are actually visits to parallel universes or dimensions. We can expand our waking awareness by learning to perceive our other levels of reality in various dimensions. Each one of us exists on multiple dimensions, so we can communicate and interact with others in a variety ways on these dimensions.

Each plane is a distinct field of energy - one that we effortlessly inhabit with different parts of our Soul's being. The trick is to become conscious of at least some of these alternate experiences. We see ourselves as originating here, in this 3D reality. But the true reality is, we come here from other dimensions - higher, more refined ones. On all dimensions, we experience distinct civilizations, our own personal culture, history, geography and inclinations. We are much more than we appear to be. As well, there is distinct technologies, arts and sciences specific to each dimension. "True space travel would be time-space travel in which you learned how to use points in your own universe as "dimensional clues" that would serve as entry points into other worlds." (Jane Roberts, The Unknown Reality, Vol.2 Pt. 1, p. 89).

"The unknown self, the "original self" straddles realities, dipping in and out of them in creative versions of itself, taking on the properties of the system in which it appears, and the characteristics native to that environment. You flow in wavelike fashion into the physical particleized versions that you call corporal existences." (Jane Roberts, The Unknown Reality, Vol.2 Pt. 2, p. 18).

As we go about our daily lives and associations there is a whole myriad of associates and beings that we work with on other layers, without even being aware of it. We can get glimpses of these other people in our dreams,...pay particular attention to strangers in your dreams. They are often comrades you have on other dimensions, ones that you are closely involved with.

The time of quickening is here for us all - take advantage of it! In essence, we are all ancient children - free, innocent, wise, spontenous and powerful in a creative fulfilling sort of way. We need only to recapture the wonder, the discovery, the courage and the joy we felt as children and mix this with the concentration, dedication and focus of our adult selves. Remember, the point of power is right here, in the present. Own it now! Never fear your own power. Recognize that you are on a grand adventure - be your own hero or heroine.

We mobilize the power of our Being through our Will, which is our Intent. We can exercise our Intent by going about our daily lives, yet also be aware of the parts of ourselves which are going about their usual routines on other levels - other dimensions. As Seth sagely advises, "Take a magical approach to life, make it your instinctive way of walking your path through your day to day existence."

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