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Spirit Guide Protectors

Protectors are usually large, impressive beings with strong characters and bearing. They give us strength, energy and courage when we need it. Often, Animal Totems fit in this category, especially the big cats like tigers, panthers, lions and dragons, bear, wolf. Warriors of various kinds also fit this category, as do some mythical characters. These guides are often called Doorkeepers or Gate Keepers who work to protect us from evil and negativity. We can call upon them when we need support and protection.

We all have at least one animal totem who serves as our guide and protector. Think about the animals that attract you. Which particular animal "calls" to you? There is an ancient belief that when a particular animal appears to you three times, it is a totem. This appearance can be external, as in actually seeing a deer three times, or internal - in visions. One particular vision that comes to mind was a succession of eagles - dozens of them in a variety of mediums. There were realistic ones, flying, perching, diving; there were statues, paintings, stained glass ones, and so on. This vision was very profound for me - it supported my life long love for these magnificent birds of prey.

Our protector guides can also take on unusual shapes and appearances. Another very intense vision revealed a guide who had the face of a lion yet the body of a human man. The feeling of support, utter acceptance, fierce protection and love that came from this being was incredible! A perfect spiritual bodyguard, especially when he fondly asserted, "I have always been with you, and always will be!"

People we have loved who have passed over to the afterlife can also be protector guides for us. Quite often, when a relationship has been forged on earth, departed loved ones continue to feel love and a protective feeling towards us. They can often see things we don't see, and hear us when we need help. Thousands have stories have been shared around the world about departed relatives helping loved ones in crisis situations. How "Grandma" stood at the end of my bed and woke me up before the smoke entered my room. Or how a departed parent came to another (they could smell her perfume!) and "told them" to turn the car left instead of right the way they intended to. They would have been instantly killed in the huge accident that happened on the planned route just seconds later. And so on. The stories are just too numerous to be coincidence.

Another group of spirits that are considered protectors are our Guardian Angels. Angels exist to further the work of the All, of God. They can be called upon for assistance in time of need, but will never interfere in our lives without the call for help. Angels exist in a hierarchy, dominated by the Arch Angels. Angels assist in many different venues of life. There are angels who govern science, dance, music, nature, peace, love, literature, relationships, and so on. When we invoke them, they happily lend a hand.

Most people recognize the Arch Angels by name. Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Michael are the most commonly known. Others include Metatron, Ariel, Raziel and Haniel. Arch Angels help us to see life through a divine lens. They edify our perspective and fortify our virtue.

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