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Develop Perception of Your Spirit Guides

There are many reasons why we do not readily perceive the spirit world around us. The main one is socialization - since the industrial revolution, the scientific paradigm replaced the more nature-based and spiritual based ones before it . If things could not be experienced with the senses, they were considered not "real". Now, that we have moved in the new millennium, where science has evolved to the level of quantum physics, even scientists are giving credence to the reality of the spiritual world and a whole slew of dimensions, to boot! Certain religious beliefs as well have prompted many people to filter out any signal that the spirit world is open to them. Unless guised as a religious experience, such contact has often been seen as evil. There are as many ways to perceive a guide as there are types of guides. The most common means of perception are:

  • a light touch on your head, shoulder, back, arm
  • a subtle fragrance
  • colors or symbols
  • animals
  • whispers and voices
  • visions

Often, in the beginning the perception will be very subtle. A slight touch on your arm, a sense of coolness or warmth, a quick shadow in the corner of your eye, or soft subtle sounds. As you attend to these stimuli, your perception will deepen. In time, you will come to perceive your guide in its appointed form. Usually guides make themselves apparent to us in a form that "matches" us. One that we would readily accept as a guide. An angel. A wise woman or man. A noble warrior. A beautiful sleek animal. And so on.

All of these subtle and not so subtle impressions of our guides come to us via our subconscious. As we learn to work with our subconscious, we can achieve stronger contact with our guides. To tap into your guides, you need to tap your subconscious mind and be conscious of this. We have a record and perception of all of the spiritual nuances and energies around us, stored in our subconscious minds. Accessing the subconscious can be achieved in a variety of ways. Meditation, self-hypnosis, dream work, biofeedback, and engaging in artistic and creative activities are the most common. What is important is that we move beyond the perception of our five external senses, and tune into the perceptions of our sixth sense. To do this, our brain waves need to slow from our normal beta waking consciousness to the more elusive and expansive alpha brain wave state. We need to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to access the rich treasure trove of the subconscious.

Spiritual energy is often perceived in visual images. The right side of our brains are used to access these wonderful inner movies - rich in color, image and symbols. Learn to passively enter an alpha state, relax, deep breath and prepare yourself to receive the images that your subconscious holds for you. It may take practice, but you will eventually begin to get what Shakti Gawain calls, "movies of the mind". You will literally see swiftly flowing full technicolor images - all meaningful and related to your spiritual development. Again, in time, you can learn to decipher which of these images come from your guides. You can learn to program yourself to finetune the perception to focus entirely on guide related images. This can also be done to focus on past life images, and so on.

As you learn to percieve your guides, ask them what their name is. Listen and trust the name that you "get". You may not actually hear it, but will somehow seem to know it. Your guides may also give you a name. In one of my guide related visions, I was told by a clan of guides, "You are the Thunder Child."

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