Past Life Patterns

A journal of your past life memories, resonances and synchronicities will help you to learn to tune into subtle and obvious hints of the past lives that are relevant to your current life. After awhile, you will likely notice patterns emerging. Perhaps you notice that you are with the same people, again and again. Or, that you sought a similar career through two or more lives. And so on.

Past Life Journals

are very useful tools to help you to remember, record, and link diverse clues to make some meaning of the memories you stir up, and to recognize patterns. Begin keeping a journal to record what you remember, beginning first with the eras that draw you. The very act of writing down your memories and stirrings tells your subconscious that you take it's messages and symbols seriously. This helps your inner mind release bits and pieces of your locked away past life memories. Choose a book to journal in that is meaningful to you. Spend some time seeking out just the "right" book for you. Find one with lots of pages within a cover that stirs you in some way. If you like, you can print out tabled pages to create categories like the sample below. What ever you choose - own it and make it meaningful. You will be doing alot of soul searching and self discovery within this book!

As you visit the resources on this site, and feel a resonance with certain items you view or read, record them in your new Past Life Journal. For example:

April 14, 2001 Ancient Egyptian architecture, antiquities, ankh, pyramid
April 15, 2001 Renaissance stained glass, dress, rebelling against laws
April 16, 2001 Industrial Art Nouveau everything! Jewelry, architecture, painting


I recognize a pattern of taste in jewelry, architecture and the way I respond to convention and stereotype. I was female in these three lives

If you keep a crisp concise record of your impressions and recalls in a table like this, you can easily begin to recognize the patterns and cycles of your lives. Keep another section of your journal free for more descriptive and verboise written dialogue about your memories and reveries. This will become much stronger once you begin to go into meditiative reveries and past life recall sessions. You'll be surprised at how much detail you can remember when you allow yourself to relax and sink into an alpha state to tune it. It is during this act of recall and recording the memory in detail that the relevance of the memory will reveal itself. There is always a reason that you remember certain past lives. You have probably had hundreds of lives in many different contexts and situations. Only a handful of them are important to your current life. These particular ones have stories to tell, lessons to teach and talents to share. Using your journal will help you to tune into and write about them. This record will serve you well when trying to piece together the various bits of recall you recieve to find meaning. Happy Journaling!

May 14th, 2001

"I feel glimpses, instances of other aspects. I know I've studied alot of these teachings before. Certain activities have a continuity back through other lives: studying, nature, spirituality, healing, dance, music, consciousness, use of crystals and light, color, shamanism, crystal skulls, pyramids, ankhs, handiwork especially beading, carving, jewelry making, mantras and yoga, chi exercises, meditating, teaching, writing, researching, temple life, ritual, horses, peacocks, eagles, irises, oceans, mountains, temperate climates."


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