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Spirit Guide Masters

Master teachers are illuminated, self realized beings, who evolved to become masters on Earth. These beings oversee the spiritual development of groups of people, as well as take on singular assignments as personal guides. They provide guidance about the current life lessons and challenges for groups of people, including families. Some well-known Ascended Masters include Jesus, Abraham, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Siddhartha, White Eagle and other spiritual leaders. In fact, this is often the work of the Master Guides. They teach us to be spiritual leaders ourselves. They help us to gain a wider spiritual perspective, one that can inspire and uplift others. Their guidance is always of the highest, purest and most uplifting energy.

Their best work is done working with individuals and groups to further the humanitarian aspects of life. They support the evolution of humankind. Connect with the Masters when you desire to further your spiritual evolution by leaps and bounds. They can lift you up out of the pettiness of dayto day struggle, and help you achieve a wider view of the whole scheme of things.

Master Spirit Guides give us much support and inspiration, regarding:

  • why we have our current challenges
  • personal tools we can use on a daily basis to transform our challenges into healings
  • our current life lessons
  • our purpose for coming into this life, and related past lives.

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