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Psychic development, mystical Art, Astrology, Tarot, Past Lives, Guidework, Crystal energy, Runes, Earth magic, Distant healing. Certified Psychic, Online Courses, Coaching and Readings.
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Janet My articles and eBooks cover an assortment of metaphysical themes including Indigo and Crystal children, chakras, crystals, divination, tarot, astrology, numerology, healing and more. I also offer intuitive readings, handwriting analysis, and astrology reports

Spiral Visions Publishing Phylameana lila is the healing consultant at, facilitates healing sessions, teachs Reiki classes, and designs amazing web sites.

Douglas Taylor's Crystal Vision site presents exquisite art work from the soul of an inspired Being.

DynoWomyn My other site: offers 21st Century Womyn a place to dialogue and discover!

Psychic Chat is where you can talk to Rajuna in person for an enlightened reading.

Ancient Wisdom of Healing Manual I was in awe at the depth and intensity of this site! Go see!

MoonScape Damris' ethereal acoustics and visuals - check it out!

Dreamweaving Language of Light and Communities created with Light Sound and Form.

Gregg Braden The man has a soul of lyrical fire.

Disinformation A search engine like no other. Topics YOU want!

The Daily Grail Greg Taylor's information resource for those who want to be in the know!

Sacred Mirrors The Visionary Art of Alex Grey will transfix you, I kid you not!

Virtual Labyrinth Are you ready to get tripped out? Enjoy!

Stuart Wilde The 21st Century wizard's Land of Tolemac.

The Virtually Strange Network All manner of intriguing topics. Check this out!

The Noosphere An emerging Web of Consciousness. Dynomite site!

Aldous Huxley Soma Web brings the Master back to Life! Paranormal and mystic directory with over 1,300 links. You'll spend days!

Internet Sacred Texts Archive An exhaustive collection of sacred texts from Egyptian to Zen. A treasure!

Crop Circle Central Up to date insights on these intriguing symbols!

Earth Station Directory Hundreds of New Age and 21st Century Links.

Kundalini Research Foundation Explore the Energy of your Being! The Serpent Rises!

The Conscious Dreamer Articles and musings related to lucid dreaming, the dream world, astral projection and other spirit matters.

Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple An incredible journey awaits you!

William Henry.Net "Terrible is this place",...not at all! His "Osiris' Prayer Posture" is awesome!

Seth Network A gathering place for dialogue about Seth's incredible teachings.

Astraltraveler Enticing site, geared to take you on a dimensional venture!

Reincarnation Central Explore your past lives, talents, dreams, goals and relationships to empower your current one!

BellaOnline Tarot Explore the enchanting world of the tarot - articles, contests, links, readings.

Institute for Astrogenic Studies:IAS & Manjushri-Mandala a higher dimension experience!

Earth Echo A tranquil and reverent walk through a Nature inspired gallery. Breathe deep!

Of Quasars and Quanta Physics meets Flower of Life. This is one fine mother of a site!

Ananda Swami Kriyananda's site, with online text, journal. Uplifting and superior Yogic content!

World Puja An inspiring collection of visionaries, world events, and teachings!

Wingmakers A time capsule found after a millenium? Fact or fiction? You decide!

The Working Witch This has got to be the finest Wicca page around!

Federation of Damanhur An inspiring site by an inspiring community! Mystical journey awaits!

Covenant of Fire An enticing assortment of art, poetry, storytelling, and musings.

Unifying Fields Foundation An Exquisite Journey into Cosmic Personal Reality!

OBOD: The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids Echoes from the Celtic Pagan Past!

VRML Worlds Jeff Harrington's amazing VR showcase. Entertaining with foresight!

Earthstory Cosmic site devoted to our Mother as a sentient Being.

Time Travelers Excellent resource for those working on their multidimensionality! Netscape optimized.

Orenda Healing International offers an engaging space for attunement and healing.

David Schweitzer Albert's profound son proves the magic of thought forms!

Sightings Jeff Rense's intriguing sight on the amazing and unexplained.

Alchemy Lab Prepare to feast your eyes on all manner of magic!

Conscious Creations An uplifting journey into creating your own reality! Online journal as well.

Dharma Haven focuses on the mystical and ancient traditions of Tibet.

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Very trippy journey through a maze of intriquing topics.

Egyptology Resources Indulge yourself in the mysterious magic of Egypt!

Places of Peace and Power Martin Gray's incredible photography of sacred sites. Breath-taking!

Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick Ready to get serious?

Tantra Hot Web Links Get in touch with your sensual self.

Lynn Andrew's Shamanic Way The Author of Medicine Woman site - Align to your Point of Power! A gorgeous and insightful site on God through many religions.

Labyrinth of Human Development Research the world's famous labyrinths online.

LeleAka Internet Gallery - Chakra Artwork Gorgeous spiritual aids and meditative pieces.

Spiritual Evolution Resources for spiritual growth and development.