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Karmic Healing

Karmic Illnesses and Anomalies

Each of us carries deeply repressed memories, and sometimes health issues that relate to the experiences of our current life to date, but also of our past lives. Sometimes, these repressions cause us to manifest actual genetic or biological abnormalities or illnesses within our current bodies. To work with these repressed blockages, we need to work with our subtle energetic bodies to allow the release and subsequent healing of any karmically induced conditions or barriers.

Often, we carry over certain marks, dysfunctions, physical anomalies, and other obvious abnormalities that originate from past life traumas, deaths, injuries, illnesses or violence. In countries where people naturally believe in reincarnation, babies are often checked head to toe for any signs from another life. Birth marks are noted and recorded. For instance, a birth mark on the side or chest might indicate an old injury from a knife or sword. A mark on the skull could indicate a head injury or other deformity. And so on.

But not every karmic physical sign is visible at birth. Sometimes we attract particular illnesses, or experience specific trauma that results in injuries or conditions that mirror past life abnormalities and even the cause of our death in those lives. Quite often, well done past life regression helps to alleviate the symptoms of these signs once we have relived the memory of the illness, trauma, or condition and come to terms with it.

Karmic Relationships

Another important aspect of karmic healing relates to relationships, particularly trying or even toxic ones. Every single person who crosses your path in this life has also experienced one or more past lives with you. Not every person was a close kin or family member. Some were just acquaintances, neighbors, members of the same community. But the ones that vex you the most,..the ones who seem to 'have your number', who know how to press your buttons, and make you crazy with turbulent emotions are most likely the ones who share a karmic debt with you. These relationships often demand karmic healing. The easiest way to do this is to stop resisting them in every way. Recognize how you are feeling but then stop and try to look at these feelings from a third person perspective. Why do they rile you so? Relax and let your mind wander, and see if you can tune into the past interactions and relationship you had in a past life together. If you can remember, acknowledge this relationship and relax into it. Recognize that the past events are just that - past. Allow the other to be who they are, set them free. And allow yourself to be free as well - strong and free, with no more energy going out to them. Even if you can't remember the past life, this acknowledgement and freeing, letting go will help to heal you both, just the same. This letting go can bring quite instant and long lasting relief if you just let the other be. No expectations. No more interference.

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