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This week's reader spotlight is on Psychic Chat reader Rajuna, who began her professional psychic career in the early 1970's. She uses tarot, astrology, runes and aura-crystal energy in her in-depth readings. Rajuna also has a Master's degree in nursing, which brings her unique information and an unusual perspective on issues concerning health, well-being, and her clients' physical and etheric energy. In 2004 Rajuna began studying for her PhD in Curriculum Studies and Technology Education. Her primary passion is to examin the use of visual learning to transform online education and web experiences. She spends most of her "free time" designing aesthetic websites, greeting cards and graphic art through her design service, Visions of Adonai Design .

Julia:Rajuna, welcome to the spotlight! All readers have unique beliefs, skills and perspectives. Please tell me what working as a psychic means to you personally.

Rajuna: I use my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities to tune in to a client's primary guides and Higher Self in order to ascertain his or her overall life purpose and current position within that framework. Through the tools of runes, tarot cards, astrological analysis, numerology, scrying with a crystal ball, and etheric and physical energy readings, I develop a big picture of my client's current life situation and life pattern, and bring through guidance on how they can best move forward and fulfill their destinies. I try to weave all aspects of a client's life together: spiritual development, relationships, career, finances and future opportunities are all interrelated.

Julia:How long have you been aware of your psychic abilities?

Rajuna: I was raised by Spiritualist parents who encouraged my psychic development from early childhood. I grew up assuming that everyone was comfortable with their own psychic impressions, talking with their Spirit guides, and reading the auric energy states of others around them.

Julia: Wow, that sounds like a great beginning! Can you share with us an experience that really stands out in your memory of an early psychic encounter?

Rajuna: When I was eight years old, my family was attending a church service in a neighboring town. During the service, while my sister and I stood in front of the congregation singing a duet, a neighbor came rushing in and whispered something to my parents. Gravely concerned, my parents waited for us to finish, then ushered us out the door and into our car. It was a 20 mile drive home, and my parents were both pale with worry. They finally broke the news to us: our lovely home was on fire!

The fire department in that town of 120 residents was meager, to say the least. All the way home, my three sisters sobbed, my mother wrung her hands, and my father drove as quickly as he safely could. Strangely, however, I sat there peacefully humming a song, and telling them all at regular intervals, "Don't worry. We're fine! It's all going to turn out fine!" My family looked at me like I was crazy and kept crying and fretting.

We finally made it to the bottom of the steep hill where our house was situated. My family was astonished; our house was still there! However, there was smoke billowing out of a summer cabin which was directly below the hill where we lived. For years after, my sisters would frequently ask, "How did you know our house was all right?" to which I quipped, "My angel kept telling me not to worry, so I didn't."

Julia: When did you realize that psychic/spiritual work was your rightful path?

Rajuna: When I was 18 years old, after two years of training with the Rosicrucian order, I knew that metaphysics would always be a big part of my life. Even though I pursued a nursing career to a graduate student level, I've still found it important to combine my psychic work with my professional health educator career. To me, life without psychic input seems dry and sterile. My psychic impressions have helped me in my nursingand teaching career many times. Being able to tune into the energy of patients, students and colleagues has added depth, genuine empathy, and "extra" information to help meto help them to heal and progress.

Julia: That sounds like a powerful combination of education and talents! What has your own inner/personal spiritual journey been like, and how have you further developed your abilities?

Rajuna:My spiritual journey began as soon as I could talk. My mother would dialogue with me, asking me about my guides, what colors I saw around me, how I felt spiritually. As soon as I could read, I would pick up the myriad of books scattered throughout our house, books like Edgar Cayce's work, Sybil Leek, Chariots of the Gods...anything related to psychic work, astrology, graphology, and ancient memories. At the tender age of 16, I joined the Rosicrucian Order, and studied their teachings for nine years, coupled with a deep exploration into astrology, divination, Egyptian mystery school teachings, herbology, nature spirits, and shamanism. My mixed Celtic and Native blood has stirred up rich memories of many past lives, and an affinity with the Pleiades, the constellation from which my people, the Ojibway, claim to have descended.

All through my adulthood, I have combined a professional health and teaching practice with rigorous study in the psychic and mystical arts, including channeling, tarot and rune divination, crystal ball scrying and other crystal healing and energy work, sacred geometry, the use of sound in healing and dimensional journeys, and shamanic/ Goddess ceremonies.

All told, I studied for nine years with the Rosicrucian Order and spent 15 years in various Yoga study, including Hatha, Tantra, Raja and Japa. I have studied the use of Music and Sound for healing and affecting states of consciousness since the early 1980's. My master's thesis was focused on Soothing Music and Newborn States of Consciousness. I've trained in female mysteries, astrology, tarot, runes, sacred geometry and sound, and crystal divination over the past 15 years.

Julia:That's a lot of training! What tips do you have for how our readers can further develop their own psychic abilities?

Rajuna: The easiest way to develop your psychic awareness is to learn to control your brain waves and state of consciousness. We usually operate in a beta state through most of our waking day, with little time in alpha, delta, or theta states, except at bedtime and in the dream state. Try to allow yourself several brief pockets of time during your day to relax and breathe deep, exhaling longer than you inhale. Sink into an alpha state. This is the state where you are most likely to get strong intuitive flashes, or hear the whispers of your Guides, or have visions of relevant symbols and images, all of which can guide you in your daily life and boost your spiritual development. Before retiring for the night, sit quietly and meditate on your day. What messages were revealed to you? What occurrences had significance for you? What synchronicities did you witness? If you expect to see "signs" and receive "messages" from your world, you'll be amazed at how quickly you are able to recognize them. Spend as much time in Nature as you can, and learn to feel the energy of the Earth. She can help you to develop your faculties very quickly, if you let her.

Julia: What values do you hold most dear?

Rajuna: Holistic development in body, mind, heart, and spirit are very important, especially when the Higher Self is allowed to govern one's decisions and choices. Protection of the Earth is crucial. The development of compassion, empathy, self-actualization, and a high frequency in all people is something that is very dear to my heart, which I attempt to catalyze in those I meet and work with.

Julia:How do you approach the reading process?

Rajuna: As I begin to read, I always ask my client to try to relax, breathe deep and fall into an alpha state. This facilitates their flowing with the energy of their Higher Self, who then guides me in my reading. Guides make themselves known to me as I work, revealing patterns of energy, Life Tasks, Blocks, Path-related choices, Health, the energy of their current relationships and situations, and probabilities for the future. I try to share my perception of their energy and situation from a higher level, a Soul level, to help them to understand the big picture of what is happening to them, rather than just spelling out situations that they already know about. I most enjoy reading for clients who are serious about their psychic and soul development and who are willing to work on themselves to realize their Life Path. I use various tools in my readings, as I said: runes, tarot, astrology, crystal ball, and crystals. These amplify the energy of the reading, but are still only tools.

Julia: Is there something you feel you're especially gifted at?

Rajuna: My special talent is reading people's energy patterns and helping them to clear, heal and magnify their energy. My goal is always to help them shift their energy to the highest vibration possible for them at the current moment. My work includes chakra energy reading, which helps clients to recognize where they have blocked their inner growth, and how they can make breakthroughs toward balance, holism, and higher vibration. I think of myself as a Frequency Shifter who works with people to become Frequency Shifters themselves.

Julia: Can you share with us an experience that stands out in your memory as particularly remarkable?

Rajuna: My internal visions have always fascinated me. When I sink into an alpha state, I enjoy vivid technicolor visions - always beautiful, ethereal, and full of symbology and meaning. It fascinates me that I always find out that my visions are steeped in reality, either ancient or modern. So many times, I've had visions of what seem like disconnected images, only to find out later that the components are intrinsically linked in the archaic esoteric literature, or are mirrored in someone's channeling message, or illustrated in an image I'll come across in a book or on the internet. For instance, I had a vivid vision of being initiated within the Sphinx, which seems to be a common vision to many people earnestly pursuing psychic development. But when I also saw Lion Headed Beings within the same vision, I thought it rather strange. I have since learned that there is a lot of indication that Lion-headed beings were worshiped in ancient Egypt and in other places of the ancient world, and some recent channelings link them to other worlds and dimensions.

Julia: What are your dreams for the future?

Rajuna: It is my passionate dream that all people will burn with the desire to holistically develop themselves. This would include a very strong connection to Spirit, which wouldlead to a global society of telepathic, compassionate, and highly evolved citizens in love with the Earth and eager to build a wonderful new world in this swiftly coming new millennium.

Julia:Why do you choose to work as a psychic?

Rajuna: I work full time as a health educator, but can not stop working in my psychic field. I love to read for people, and am fascinated in watching people develop self-knowledge and tune in to their Life Path. The ancient shamans combined strong societal leadership roles with healing capacities, divination and energy reading, and education of the tribe. I feel I've been a shaman in at least two past lives, and am continuing the tradition in this one.

Julia: What spiritual truths would you like to communicate to the world while you're in the spotlight?


1. Realize that you are a multi-dimensional being! You exist on several different dimensional levels, right now! Your past, present and future lives are all occurring simultaneously at this very juncture of time and space that you are in.

2. Learn to feel, tune into, and listen to your Higher Self. In this coming new millennium, the people who will be most successful will be guided by Spirit, and life will unfold easily for them.


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