Quickening Your Energy to Travel Dimensional Travels
Quickening Your Energy for Travel Elemental Dimension Astral Dimension Ethereal Dimension Celestial Dimension Causal Dimension Cosmic Dimension Integration of Dimensions


It is a mark of evolution and enlightenment when all of our selves are aware of each other on multiple dimensions. Our identity operates on many dimensions - what we view as ourselves is just a dim reflection of our true nature. Any boundaries imposed upon you, is done so by yourself. Free yourself of these boundaries and your perception and experience will become expansive. Your inner senses will lead you to discover and intimately know your own multidimensional existence. You exist beyond the confines of time and space - past and future are electromagnetic connections that you can learn to work with - to access. You can gain much knowledge and insight by communicating with these various dimensions. Its a matter of learning to put aside our preconceived ideas of who we are, and to accept ourselves as multidimensional. You must widen your vision of who exactly you are. Self development and investigation help you to expand your perceptions to begin to get glimpses of these other realities. With practice, you can learn to tune into your multidimensions quite effortlessly and very successfully. This helps your whole Being to evolve, as well as gives all others a "lift up" the evolutionary path. We are all connected.

We all have our own world-view, our version of reality according to our culture, socialization, beliefs and insights. It is our personal interpretation of the universe. If we expand and relax our worldview, we allow our consciousness to attune to these other dimensional aspects of ourselves - we tune into the universe-view or cosmos-view of our Higher Being, our totality. Our dream selves naturally do this. So, a wonderful first step in attuning to the dimensions is to attune to and welcome our dream self teachings, guidance, healing and work. We do legitimate work in our dream states. Sometimes, this work is far more important and far-reaching than our everyday work in the waking world. As our dream selves, we are more in tune with actual reality. We are beyond time and space, we communicate more easily with other beings and our consciousness is fully mobile and fluid. We can tap our dream selves to become free from limitation in our conceptual processing of the laws of time and space and self. This allows us to be free to explore our unknown reality, our unknown self.

When travelling the dimensions, keep an attitude of calm and serenity. Send peaceful tidings to all that you meet on every level of your existence. In the book, "Conversations with Seth" (1981) Jane Roberts wrote, "At night say to yourself: 'I am couched safely in the pool of my being; therefore I am secure and I can move with the greatest ease and freedom in all the dimensions of my reality. The past has no power over me, for I will live secure in the power of the present and in the knowledge of my own power and reality. I give myself up to life!" (p. 352).

The following videos will help you in your journey of self-integration by leading you in activating your Merkaba vehicle. This vehicle links the various layers of your Being with the Cosmos around you.

Merkabah, The Chariot of Ascension

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