Past Life Groups

As a general rule of thumb, the people with whom we have the strongest emotional ties were usually connected with us in one or more past lives. Souls who are closely related in one lifetime generally find each other in subsequent ones. Their roles may change from life to life, but the inherent connection remains and is usually felt right away by both parties.

Usually, if people love each other in one life, that positive feeling remains in other lifetimes. If someone was your enemy, those negative feelings will rise again unless one or both of you choose to resolve them now. If you owe someone something from another lifetime, you will likely be presented with an opportunity to fulfill your obligation to them in the present one.

Relationships tend to be karmic, bold opportunities to learn and grow. Within families, there is generally a group lesson to learn - all members have elected to experience and learn this lesson or lessons. Each member may learn the lesson in their own unique way, but together they play their individual parts to help the lesson come home for all members involved.

The same applies to business and social circles. Emotional connections and patterns are intrinsic to any group you gravitate to throughout your entire life. By examining how you usually relate to the people around you, and how they relate to you - you can learn alot about your relationships in the past.

Karmic Connections

People who we gravitate towards life after life generally fall under the Karmic Connection category of past life bonds and ties. Often, we recognize these people right away, feel instantly familar with them, and take an immediate liking or disliking to them. We may well be linked with these people under the Law of Compensation, where one or both people owe the other something. This something could be anything ranging from an apology to caregiving to money. These people feel close, but don't rank as Soul Mate or Twin Souls.

Examine Your Relationships

As you go about your daily activities, take time to examine your relationship to the people in your life. Ask yourself:

1. What kinds of emotions do I feel and express to the people in my life?

2. Which people in my life seem very familar and close?

3. What was my primary role in my childhood family?

4. What is my primary role with the people I work with?

5. What kind of groups do I gravitate to? Why ?

6. What kind of groups do I remember belonging to in my past lives?

7. Do I have any enemies? Who? What memories do they bring up for me?

8. Who do I feel the most comfortable with? Why??


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