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Biologist, James Lovelock became a well known theorist when he presented his theory of Gaia. He explained that the earth is a living, conscious being. The earth has subtle bodies, energy lines or meridians, and chakras - just as we do. This energy can be measured by scientifically gauging the electomagnetic field of the earth. This logically leads us to assume that the earth's health is dependent on the amount of life force that flows through the vortexes (chakras) and leylines (meridians) of the earth. Within the last 150 years the earth's lifeforce has been severely threatened with the rise of modern civilization and the resultant deforestation, building of cities and pollution of all kinds. The earth's energy is in serious need of replenishment.

Happily, people are able to attune to Mother Earth and help her raise her subtle energies. We can also help her 3D surface by being ecologically aware and proficient, planting flowers, trees, herbs, etc. and using non-toxic pest controls, electric or manual garden equipment, driving less, and so on. Within these Earth magic pages we will explore ways to help the Earth and revitalize yourself in the process. It is always a symbiotic exchange when we attune to our Mother. We both benefit and grow from the interaction.

Rupert Sheldrake, another famous theorist purports that the earth (and humans)- the universe itself, all have morphic resonance -all is a living organism. In his own words, Sheldrake's research proposes a whole new view of the earth, a new "lens" for natural science. "Such an encompassing perspective is part of a very profound paradigm shift that is taking place in science: the shift from the mechanistic to an evolutionary and wholistic world view." Sheldrake's work extends to psychology as well. "Morphogenic fields and the concept of the collective unconscious would completely change the context of modern psychology."

In an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, Sheldrake explained, "Morphic comes from the Greek word for form, morphe, and a morphic field is a field of form, or field of pattern or order or structure. Such fields organize not only the froms of living organisms, but also the forms of crystals, of molecules. Each kind of molecule, each protein, for example, has its own kind of morphic field -- a hemoglobin field, an insulin field; each kind of crystal, each kind of organism, and each kind of instinct or pattern of behavior. So these fields are the organizing fields of nature. There are many kinds of them, because there are many kinds of things and patterns in nature. And I think our own mental life depends on just this kind of field."

In another interview with David Jay Brown, Sheldrake elaborated,"The morphic fields are localized. They're in and around the system they organize. So the morphic field of you is in and around your body. The morphic field around a tomato plant is in and around that plant. What I'm suggesting is that morphic fields in different tomato plants resonate with each other across space and time. I'm not suggesting that the field itself is delocalized over the whole of space and time. It's suggesting that one field influences another field through space and time. Now, the medium of transmission is obscure. I call it morphic resonance, this process of resonating. What this is replacing in conventional physics is the so-called "laws of nature," which are believed to be present in all places, and at all times."

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