Eras of our Past Lives

As we all know, the human race has progressed through many distinct eras of history. Often the first past life "recall" that people experience is a feeling of resonance with a certain time period along the continuum of human existence. Focusing on your reactions and sense of affinity (or aversion) to a certain time period in history can help you to zero in on pertinent past lives, that often teach us much about how to live in the here and now.

Feeling the Affinity

A good place to start discovering which eras feel familar to you is to look at art, architecture, clothing, and the general patterns of particular historical eras. As you do, pause and reflect on any feelings, images, memories, tuggings of the heart that you feel as you attune to a specific era.

Many people feel a strong "pull" to a certain time period. Some feel enraptured with the Renaissance, others with Biblical times. Medieval, Colonial, even pre-historic times may seem so real to you, and so familar. What time periods would you have loved to live in? Chances are, you did!

Past Life Diaries are very useful tools to use to help you to remember, record, and link diverse clues to make some meaning of the memories you stir up. Begin keeping a diary to record what you remember, beginning now with the eras that draw you. As you visit the sites below, and feel a resonance with certain items you view, record them in your new Past Life Diary. For example:

May 17, 2001 Ancient Egyptian architecture, antiquities


Common Attributes

(PreHX to 5,000 BC)
Cave dwellings, monoliths, primitive social structure, stone tools, nature based religions, petrogylphs, mounds, hunter-gatherers, nomads, rituals, early humans
(5000 BC - 476 AD)

Organization of religions, monuments, pyramids, temples, columns, intricate architecture, cities, caste systems, governments, hieroglypics, written languages, laws, farming, holy books
(476 AD - 14th C)
wars, warfare, borders, boundaries, Church, chivalry, manor life, cities, monastries, universities, religious art, manuscripts, reliefs, romanesque, gothic, cathedrals, stained glass, King Arthur, holy grail, tapestries, poverty
(14th C)
middle class, printing press, reform, achievement, creativity, scientific inquiry, new wealth, arts, oil painting, non religious art, landscapes, portraits, inquisition, reformation, humanism, medicine, philosophy, tutor architecture
(15th C)
explorers, New World, invasion into aboriginal land, gold, riches, trading, world travel, maps, records, ships, trade routes, conquests, discoveries, lost civilizations
(16th - 17th C)
music, dance, Bach, Vivaldi, artists, new middle class wealth, opulence, ornate, intricate detail, counter Revolution, monarchs, rights, culture, restoration, Rembrandt
(18th C)
classical, humanitarians, satire, philosophy, heroes, heroines, medicine, sentimentality, scientific experiments, mathematics, study, American Revolution, absolutism, biomedicine, colonial, imperial, romanticism, aristocrats, peasants, water closets
(late 18th - 19th C)
machines, factories, assembly lines, workers, unions, manpower, markets, resources, trade, railways, shipping, pollution, goods, stores, low pay, long hours, camera, realism, impressionists, post-impressionists, textiles, child labor, agriculture, steam engine, automobile, diesel engine, telephone, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, inventions, manufacturing, communism, marxism, opium, Victorian, Pre Raphaelites, sanitation, tailors, tenements, mining, stand-up baths, Art Nouveau
(late 19th C - 1940's)
world wars, depression, Russian Revolution, fanvism, cubism, futurism, vorticism, expressionism, surrealism, abstractionism, airplanes, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Hitler, prohibition, modernism, holocaust, dadaism, die burcke, bohemian, jazz, ballroom, individualism, motion pictures, Art Deco
POST-MODERN ERA (1940's - 2000s) Gandhi, leaders, post-modernism, worldviews, hegemony, critical social theory, feminism, freedom of Germany, USSR collapse, child rights, medical advances, empowerment, health promotion, community development, Gulf War, pollution, global warming, First Nation rights, human rights, computers, global community, internet, Cold War, ecology, genetics, space exploration, terrorism, abstract expressionism, pop art, flower children, New Age, multiculturalism, Op art, hyper-realism, minimalism, conceptualism, photorealism, digital art, rock and roll, disco, retro

Visit the fine websites listed below to see if a particular era draws you.

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