Gaia Earth Energy Vortexes Leylines Creation

The earth has more than one energy system. We know that the earth maintains a delicate balance by fluctuating various natural forces. We know that the earth exudes an electromagnetic force that can be measured. We are now learning that the earth also has subtle energies that manifest as meridians, leylines and vortexes. Meridians form up a beautiful energic morphogenetic electromagnetic grid that encircles the entire globe. Each of us responds to particular areas of the Earth in unique ways. Even in your neighborhood, or in the surrounding landscape there are areas of energy which feel good to you. With practice, you can instantly tune into these "hot spots" of earth energy.

When you feel the energy of the Earth, you are tuning into the complex grid that has been known and related to by people around the world, since ancient times. Called different names by different people, the science of earth meridian energy is many millennia old. In his book, "The Crystal Planet" Joseph Jochmans described the various cultural views of earth's energy. Aboriginal peoples in Australia called them the dream lines: Polynesian people called meridians in the surrounding waters "te lapa". "In Ireland they are remembered as fairy paths, and in Germany as holy lines. The Greeks knew them as the Sacred Roads of Hermes, while the ancient Egyptians regarded them as the Pathways of Min.

The Chinese today still measure the Lung Mei or dragon currents which affect the balance of the land, as practiced through the ancient art of Feng-shui. Much in the same fashion as the application of acupuncture needles in Chinese medicine helps the flow of Chi or life force in the human body, so the placement of pagodas, stones, trees, temples and houses in the environment was regarded as a way to heal the Earth."

Scientists are now catching up to what metaphysicians and shamans have known for a long, long time. The subtle energy of the Earth is real! An article in Nexus New Times Magazine described, "A Frank Wyatt Prentice patent issued September 18th, 1923, claims that power can be obtained from 500,000 cps energy fluctuations located about six inches above the earth. To tap this energy, Prentice used a half-mile of wire. In addition, he located a closed oscillatory loop antenna 18 feet in length about 20 feet from the "transmission antenna." If this is true, then anyone with a good oscilloscope can put up an 6-inch high line and determine the energy fluctuations at 500 kilohertz. Prentice claims to have been able to power fifty, sixty-watt lamps. In the thirties, Dr. Henry Moray, a Utah scientist was demonstrating the ability to light a bank of lamps in a similar fashion."1

In other words, this electromagnetic crystalline grid energy is real and measureable. This supports the shamanic teaching that people need to find their own "power places" and spend time there regularly. If you incorporate this practice into your routine life, you will notice a subtle yet obvious shift in your own energy. We do not need nature just for "fresh air and sunshine". We need to find the right spots - ones that draw us, that make us feel more alive and alert. Let your feelers sense the energy in the environment around you. What feels good? What doesn't? The energy close to the grid is rich in negative ions, wonderful subatomic boosters for your energy. These ions make us feel recharged like a wonderful airborne tonic. Indulge yourself often - find your "spots" and visit them regularly. Sit, relax, meditate and drink in the wonderful invigoration!

1 - "The Prentice Earth Energy Tap," Nexus New Times Magazine, vol 6, no. 1, Dec 98-Jan 99, page 43.

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