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We experience our Earth environment as we do, because of our body's location in 3D time and space. We think we change our lives, our world by "doing things" - by taking action. We don't. We change it by forming the change from within ourselves. This is more than rhetoric or conjecture. It is absolute reality. The Earth itself and all of the flora and fauna that live on her also have inner senses that are well attuned and vital.

The only part of us that is temporary is the biological body - it is a chemical construct that we use to gather experience, a vehicle to learn to function in the 3D world. The elemental dimension is made up of 105 known elements, each with its own unique properties. This is a particularly challenging dimension to evolve in, as it requires a vast amount of energy just to maintain biological functions.

Our physical body has an interaction with the Earth and it's elements. We are biologically connected, our chemical makeup mirrors the Earth's. Our genetic makeup responds to every thought we have, every emotion we feel and our general personality traits. The physical senses can only perceive reality a little bit at a time.

Our beliefs form a grid through which our deepest perceptions pass. To change your physical life, you must change your beliefs. The elemental plane is essentially solidified thought patterns. Each of us has our own unique sound-tone or feeling-tone signature. They are a combination of the motion, fiber and timbre of our energy when our spirit is aligned with 3D physical flesh. We can work with our tone to heighten our attunement with the whole of our Being. We also need to work with our perception - to make it as clear and fluid as possible.

It is important that you realize fully how your thoughts, beliefs, values, assumptions all create the world around you. Until you can appreciate this as a REALITY, it is difficult if not impossible to go into the other dimensions while incarnate in 3D reality. Once you do, though, your spontaeous, creative self takes over. You no longer "box" yourself into a category. You lose your sense of isolation and loneliness and assume your full position in the universe. You learn to effortlessly allow your intuitions, feelings and thoughts to work together in perfect orchestration. You allow yourself to love freely. Love makes us see more clearly. It quickens and balances our body's molecular structures. Doing so is very freeing and empowering. It is your destiny!

It is also vital that we see the world as a place where we belong, where we can dream and enjoy seeing these dreams come fully into reality. Our bodies have structural properties that include sound values, light, energy waves and electromagnetic components. We apply our powers of imagination and emotion with our intent to affect these sounds, light, energy and electromagnetic waves to create our bodies, both healthy and diseased.

"We are growing toward conscious awareness of the heroic dimensions. Each lucid dream or vision or intuitive insight brings you more awake there and a actually wakens the heroic faculties so that this life is seen as one focus of many. The heroic dimension involves a different scale of existence, outside of time". (Jane Roberts, Psychic Politics, 1976, p. 331). We can learn inner travel, coming into contact with the parts of our souls that exist on the surrounding dimensions.

"The strands of our own consciousness wind in and out of those other dimensions, and through them we are woven in and out of time and space but not confined to them" (p. 356). If we tune into these other dimensions, we can use time and space differently.

"Our bodies are actually living bio-oscillators like crystals receiving sets that pick up radio signals. We are vibratory transformers." (Steven Halpearn, Sound Health, 1985, p.32). There is a measurable resonance with our bodies (especially when in a relaxed state) and the electromagnetic layers of the Earth. By learning to operate in a natural relaxed state of awareness, our bodies resonant at a healthy frequency. Music and sound can help us with this, as can toning, drumming and chanting. Music is a powerful tool to help us access our inner dimensions.

We tend to create our world in a safe and protective way - we approach it in survival mode - this may make us feel safe and regular, but also confines us. Our beliefs and thoughts coupled with our ingrained emotional responses provide the mesh through which we have shaped normal everyday life. Often, these patterns are downright painful, which we often mask with balms like alcohol, food, sex, work or drugs. It is important to relax, and move beyond the restrictive frame of reference through which we view our world. Then and only then can we begin to see the magic that is available - how we can playfully create our world in ways that seem wondrous and joyous.

In reality, we have wonderfully rich creative freedom and power - we join in each day to co-create the mass experience of our world. We are meant to look at and understand our physical condition, to compare it against our ideal and change the inner self to gain what we want. Our bodies, our very cells, are meant to exist as healthy, long-living organisms. Our current top athletes give us a glimpse of what every human body is meant to be. When we can attune our awareness to the various dimensions that we naturally exist in, we allow the energy of our souls, our psyches, our minds to work unimpeded. Our cells receive fresh and invigorating energy and commands from us which perpetuates high quality growth and regeneration. "Your physical body is created by you at every moment as a direct result of your inner conception of what you are, - it changes in important chemical and electromagnetic ways with the ever-moving pace of your own thoughts." (Seth Speaks, Jane Roberts, 1972, p. 21).

Recognize that when you send out a plea for help or mercy, it is felt and acknowledged on other dimensions. AND it is answered. It may seem to take some time, since the 3D world operates according to time and space, but in essence, your plea is answered immediately. You set things in motion as soon as your words leave your lips. Let your life be one of quality, beauty and truth. Dream a grand dream. Know that your consciousness can access vast knowledge and is intimately connected with all other beings, on all dimensions.

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