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Medicine Wheel 2000 by June Kaminski

"Medicine Wheel 2000"
by June Kaminski, April 2000
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Celtic Reveries by June Kaminski

"Celtic Reveries"
by June Kaminski, July 1999

Like the Earth, we all have magic within us. We can learn to acquire, raise and project energy that affects the earth plane. In a conscious way. We all do this unconsciously, every second of our lives. We are given our medicine or magic powers from the Earth Mother and the Great Creator. This power is brought to us by Spirit using the vehicles of meditiation, dreams, visions, animal and plant totems, nature spirits, and the elements themselves. We can manifest unique magical gifts such as healing abilities, visionary insights, telepathy, prediction, shamanic magic to make talismans and charms, weather control abilities, transmutation or shape shifting and so on.

We contact the inner core of Earth magic each time we connect with the Earth in some way. By performing rituals, sacred circles and ceremonies within nature, we reinforce and magnify this connection. We tap into the power of the universe where we can project our deepest yearnings, hopes and prayers to affect reality in very concrete ways. We manifest what we long to create by tapping the power of the Earth and the surrounding Universe.

Every thing on this planet has its own medicine power. We can tap this natural medicine power all around us to help us in our intentional projection to manifest what we want. We can manifest either good or bad, but it is the former that carries the most lasting and sacred power. By grounding ourselves in Earth energy, we work in a sacred and altruistic way.

The spirits in nature understand and gravitate towards human emotion. Emotions are our human experience that is equivalent to the Earth's weather patterns. Weather is Earth's emotions. When we combine our emotions with our intent, we can raise and direct very powerful Earth magic. Each day, go outside and spend a few minutes feeling the Earth and her emotions. Stand outside, no matter what the weather, raise your arms to the sky, and feel the power of the Earth enter your body and being. Feel the power of the sun, the rain, the fog, the snow, the evening coolness. Each Earth emotion has its own power that we can learn to recognize and tap. Feel her power run deeply through you.

As well, regularly call on the powers of the four corners or directions: North, South, East and West. Go outside and face the East, with arms upraised. Think of the powers and elements associated with the East, and say a prayer of intention framed in the context of the east. For instance, voice your intention, using the metaphor of the Rising Sun. "As the sun rises in the East, may my experience of abundance rise and grow." Then turn to the South and repeat. Continue with the West and the North.

EAST is associated with: Rising Sun, the element Air and the season, Spring. Represents new beginnings, renewed hope, innocence, awakening, enlightenment, illumination, intellect, clear communications, good memory, freedom, independence, wonderful perception and understanding. The Eagle and other birds are in the East.

SOUTH is associated with: Midday or Noon, the element Fire and the season, Summer. Represents energy, warmth, brightness, heat, benevolence, truth, generosity, optimism, inspiration, sensuality, creativity, love, passion, courage, originality, self confidence, and enthusiasm. The Lion and Coyote are in the South.

WEST is associated with the Setting Sun, the element Water and the season, Autumn. Represents completion, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace, serenity, realization, purification, forgiveness, sensitivity, emotional balance, devotion, imagination, intimacy, open heartedness. Dolphin and other sea beings are in the West.

NORTH is associated with Midnight, the element Earth and the season, Winter. Represents mystery, secrecy, enchantment, attentive listening, self counsel, stability, groundedness, vitality, ability to work hard, patience and appreciation. Buffalo, Polar Bear and other polar animals are in the North.

This practice is enhanced even more if you engage in it within a medicine circle or wheel. The circle represents perfection and wholeness as well as sacred protection and magnification. When we create a medicine wheel or sacred circle, we are setting aside a place that is sacred, powerful and mysterious. We link ourselves with all the circle represents. It is an entrance way into the spirit realm, to other dimensions and times, a sacred place betweein the worlds, where earth magic power is raised to heal and transform for the good of all. It is a place where possibility, mystery and positive magic meet - with You!

Be very careful that your intention is strongly good - whatever you focus on within a sacred circle will be magnified and will come back to you multiple fold! Your circle can be made of anything found in nature. If you are very serious, you might devote a place in your yard or a nearby natural spot to set up a circle made from large rocks - a permanent one. Or, you can use anything from flowers, to sea shells, tobacco, corn meal, cedar boughs, a line gently carved into the earth with a stick, crystals - whatever feels right to you.

Once you have created the circle, enter the circle from the East, stand or sit comfortably and purify yourself and the circle by burning and smudging with cedar or sage or incense. Shield yourself from harm by visualizing a circle of white light around you and the circle. Ground yourself by deep breathing and relaxing and feeling the Earth beneath you. Call in the four directions as described above. Then call in the spirit of the animal spirit that seems the closest to you. Ask this Spirit to be with you, to be in you and to accompany you in your journey. Then raise your Earth Magic by speaking your prayers, singing, dancing, whatever moves you. Let your emotions rise to mingle with the energy of the Earth. Let your whole body become a moving prayer that rises from deep within you. This type of moving prayer has much power - let yourself go and allow the Earth's magic to flow through you. When the energy peaks, relax completely. Notice if any of the spirits there with you speak to you or show you a message. When you are done, close the circle by thanking the earth spirits and seeing them leave the circle. Then exit the circle through the East once more. Do this regularly to profoundly awaken your link with the Earth Magic that surrounds us all.

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