Quickening Your Energy to Travel Dimensional Travels
Quickening Your Energy for Travel Elemental Dimension Astral Dimension Ethereal Dimension Celestial Dimension Causal Dimension Cosmic Dimension Integration of Dimensions

The future is accessible in the cosmic hologram (Talbot, 1991, p. 205). The past is as well, since this is also the location of the Akasha records. Creative acts make cosmic energy useful to us estoterically. When we unite with the cosmic dimension, we experience immediate alterations in our spirits, minds and bodies.

"Cosmic energy enters the body through the medulla oblongata where it becomes the life force for the body." (Barbara Condron, 1992, p. 83). Mentally image cosmic energy entering your body through the medulla oblongata at the base of the skull. Visualize it as a streaming light entering your body and traveling through all your extremities flooding your body with life force. Cosmic energy also enters our being through the crown chakra, and feeds all of the subtle bodies. Students of metaphysics learn how to control cosmic energy. They practice drawing it into their terresterial bodies through focused mental intent.

Channeling is done through cosmic electricity. Channeling is the ability to receive guidance from inner (intuition, higher self) and external (non-physical teachers, entities, avatars) sources. Dr. Kathryn Ridall teaches that "the flexibility to channel comes from a desire to broaden our perspective and our perception. The desire to break out of our patterns and to perceive life in a new, fresh way. In its most basic form, channeling is an act of empathy. When we merge with another in active empathy, our unique vibrations begin to synchronize and we resonate together," (Channeling: How to Reach Out to Your Spirit Guides, 1988, p. 17).

We can learn to channel guidance and knowledge from other dimensions by using the vehicle of trance. Even a light alpha state trance opens us up to visions and vibrations from other dimensions. We needn't go into full blown trance where a guide or other counselor completely takes over our bodies in a channeling session. Trances can be light to deep, and each level can open us up to rich insight and experiences. We can also learn to telepathetically tune into our guides on other levels as we go about our daily lives. We just need to have our inner "antennae" out to pick up the bits of wisdom, the symbols, the signs and whispers. Often, insight and creativity is shared with us through music, dance, visual art, poetry, prose, dialogue, healing.

"The two levels above the seventh that I am able to see at this point are the eighth and ninth levels. They are each associated with the eighth and ninth chakras located above the head. Each level appears to be crystalline and composed of very fine high vibrations. The eighth and ninth levels seem to follow the general pattern of alternating between substance (eighth level) and form (ninth level) in that the eighth appears mostly a fluid substance and the ninth appears to be a crystalline template of everything below it." (Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light p. 54)

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