Keeper of the Refuge

Rajuna has provided accurate, soul-guided readings since the early 1970's. Combined with her PhD study, and her Masters of Science in Nursing, Rajuna uses her deep insight into human motivations, aspirations, and needs to help you explore your current situation and plan your best course of action for a prosperous and joyful future.

Rajuna is focused on helping others to develop their own psychic and esoteric abilities. She provides online courses to this effect in a number of disciplines. She also offers mystical e-books, web templates, web design, and several sections of online content for the self-directed seeker.

As a member of The Psychic Society International, an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and a qualified distance energy healer, Rajuna is happy to provide content to assist you to discover the reasons for your physical and spiritual health problems, so you can come up with a plan for your (or your loved one's) healing and wholeness.

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