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The aural or astral world is the 4th dimensional world, where the auric egg dwells - the real us beyond the physical. Our bodies depend on the forces that run through our astral body - our emotions, passions, desires as well as those of the higher dimensions. The chakras are organs of our 4th dimensional body. Our astral bodies connects us to this 4th dimensional existence through our feelings or emotions.

The astral or desire (emotional) body extends two to four feet beyond the etheric, and is subdivided into three components. It changes color depending on our emotional state - its designated function is to facilitate communication with both seen and unseen worlds. It radiates energy outward, but also draws energy in from the environment. Ideally, emotions flow through us - they are to be experienced, not bottled up. Don't deny them, neither be controlled by them. Feel them, express them and let them move on. The mental body or upper astral can extend up to eight feet beyond the emotional body. This body responds to mental activity and absorbs electromagnetic energy from the environment.

Astral projection is one way to travel the various dimensions, including what we would consider the afterlife. During our experience as the person we are now, we have two fully active parts of our whole - our waking selves and our dream selves. The dream self is just as real as our waking self is. The dream body is the astral body. The dream world has molecular structure just as our waking world does. It also has a continuing reality. Our experiences in our dreams are not just the results of indigestion nor a symbolized version of our fears and desires. Some parts are - but much of our dream life is actual real living, growing and learning. Make a habit of waking yourself up to record your dreams. Or, at least write them down when you do awaken. This is important. It reinforces that you honor and value your inner life just as much as your outer one.

Dreams can give you much self knowledge. If you pay attention, they can warn you of impending health problems and how to stop the illness from developing. They can teach you about relevant past lives, and how to solve current problems and concerns. Some symbolically teach you about your common state of mind. You can also allow your mind to actually solve problems within the dream state. In ancient Greece, beautiful dream temples were built on cliffs overlooking the ocean. People came to spend the night at these temples and valued the particular wisdom they gained from examining their dreams within these special places. Make your sleeping area a temple - to aid the retention and participation in your dream world.

We are united and attuned effortlessly to all of our simultaneous existences when in the dream state. Dream work and study helps us realize this. We can experience the true nature of reality - multidimensionality - as we dream. The trick is to bring that awareness back with us as we return to the waking state. We don't have to be in the dream state though to become aware of our other realities in alternate dimensions. We only need to understand what we truly are, and honor the beauty and uniqueness of ourselves. By doing so we give our inner beings full rein to open itself to our conscious minds. We can tap the unrecognized talents, abilities, insights and strengths of our multidimensional selves to bring new joy, happiness and experiences into our current 3D focused lives. There are no actual divisions between your aware self and your multidimensional selves. The boundaries are illusion. When we wake up from this fog and reacquaint our conscious minds with the enormity of ourselves, we can instantly become fully aware of all of them. We are much more than we imagine we could ever be. Right now. Just as we are. Widen your perception and delight yourself!

"The astral body is amorphous and is composed of clouds of color more beautiful than those of the emotional body. The astral body tends to have the same set of colors, but they are usually infused with the rose light of love. It extends out about one half to one foot (15 to 30 cm) from the body. The chakra are the same octave of colors as the rainbow of the emotional body, but each is infused with the rose light of love. The heart chakra of a loving person is full of rose light on the astral level.

When people fall in love, beautiful arcs of rose light can be seen between their hearts, and a beautiful rose color is added to the normal golden pulsations in the pituitary gland. When people form relationships with each other, they grow cords out of the chakras that connect them. These cords exist on many levels of the auric field in addition to the astral. The longer and deeper the relationship, the more cords and the stronger they are. When relationships end, those cords are torn, sometimes causing a great deal of pain. The period of "getting over" a relationship is usually a period of disconnecting those cords on the lower levels of the field and rerooting them within the self.

A great deal of interaction takes place between people on the astral level. Great blobs of color of various forms whisk across the room between people. Some of it is pleasant and some not so pleasant. You can feel the difference. You may feel uneasy about someone across the room who is apparently not even aware of your presence; however on another level a lot is happening. I have seen people standing next to each other in a group pretending not to notice each other, when on the energy level there is a whole communication taking place with lots of energy forms moving between them. You have no doubt experienced this yourself, especially between men and women. It is not just body language; there is an actual energetic phenomenon that can be perceived. For example, when a man or woman fantasize about making love with someone, say in a bar or at a party, there is an actual testing in the energy fields to see if the fields are synchronous and if the people are compatible." (Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light p.50-51).

Astral Projection

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