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How the Twelve Animal Archetypes Will Fare in the Year of the Wood Ram

OX - |1901 |1913 |1925 |1937 |1949 |1961 |1973 |1985 | 1997 | 2009 |

This is not a year to be head strong in much of any area. One of the easiest ways to express the attitude to adopt this year is to "Let it flow!". Your life will be all the better for it if you can see this part of the big picture early as in, now! You'll probably want to keep an extra rein on your finances, wallet and spending this year but the conservative attitude will help you in the years to come. It would be a great time to begin to work with some artistic endeavors for those Oxen who are so inclined, still others will find a great benefit to using physical energies to rid themselves of stress. You'll be glad you did as you face the year with some upcoming stresses and challenges. Just how much these effect you will be something that you can choose to the degree that you have outlets that help keep things in perspective. Remember this year's over all theme is one of conservatism. In the love department things will go fairly smoothly if already attached. If foot loose and fancy free or single, you might find that a rat or rooster strikes your fancy. If so again take a slow approach, doing so will make it all worth while about mid year when you learn a bit more. The cream will rise to the top, so to speak, and you will know if this is the right person for you! Though you will find a temptation to gamble some in love, don't do it in the monetary areas of your life
TIGER - |1902 |1914 |1926 |1938 |1950 |1962 |1974 |1986 | 1998 | 2010 |

The Goat year will be a particularly entertaining year for the bold Tigers of our Universe. You will find yourself willing to perform be it in your home, for the public at large or in a small group of favored friends. No one will seem to mind this yearning in you though, they will be quite pleased to see you happy and shining in the lime light. Though at times the pace of life will seem a bit slow to you, keep in mind that you are attracting a lot of admirers this year and those connections will be very fruitful for quite some time. For as much fun as this will be do not forget to exercise some caution in terms of socializing too much with the same confining group. This year is one for broadening your horizons. If you are not the one doing the entertaining be sure to take in some nice entertainment to see, experience, or enjoy this year. The world is the stage that will keep you ever enthused when you might have a tendency to feel a bit down. Social invitations to various events including artistic and musical ones will abound this year. Do remember to schedule some quiet time on the calendar as well as there will be points you want to try to rejuvenate the batteries of energy for the next event. Financially, do not be too terribly overly indulgent to your friends, family, and loved ones, or even to yourself. You'll be one of the few who watches the economy over the next year and benefit from the observations you make, and the actions you take.
RABBIT/CAT - |1903 |1915 |1927 |1939 |1951 |1963 |1975 |1987 | 1999 | 2011 |

This year of the Water Goat is one that will be memorable for many to come. Part of the reason is the overall compatibility that a Rabbit-Cat has with the Goat, there is just a nice exchange and over all happy state of affairs with the two combined energies. Thus the year itself will be a very nice one. There could be a few bumps in the road in late May but you will bounce back and not even give them much of a second thought as compared to previous times when you tended to dwell on things too often. It will also be a nice year for your sensitive nature to enjoy expanding spiritual horizons, take on a new quest, read some interesting, thought provoking literature and help ponder the meaning of life. Some of you will even enjoy keeping a journal or diary about such thoughts and ideas which could not only help you sort some things out but could very well be interesting to the public at large later on. You should be careful with money this year, one can never be too certain if the "rainy day" one wondered about is just around the corner. Check your interest bearing accounts and make sure they are working for you as well as they could be.
DRAGON - |1904 |1916 |1928 |1940 |1952 |1964 |1976 |1988 | 2000 | 2012 |

A Water Ram year is just what the doctor ordered for our Dragon friends, it will be a year full of energy and interests that tingle the mind. You'll find content in areas that you have long sought to find. An all important monkey will be a part of the lifein which you find much happiness in this year. That monkey could be a family member, a spouse or a child in your life or even a new found friend who understands you upon first sight. For it is the Dragon's great secret that all they really crave is a little understanding. What on earth can be wrong with that? If only it would pop into the minds of those close to a Dragon it would help, so if you ARE in fact close to a Dragon, show them a bit of extra attention, a pat on the head now and then and you'll find the harmony between you just abounds! Dragons seem to want to be a bit of a home body this year finding all kinds of creature comforts very inviting. Be sure to make any home comforts those that are within your budget and you'll shine with pride at the end of the year to see what a nice job you've done as you check over your finances. If there is a will there is a way! Dragon's know that!
SNAKE - |1905 |1917 |1929 |1941 |1953 |1965 |1977 |1989 | 2001 | 2013 |

One of the happiest things a Snake can find in the Year of the Water Goat is that there are a few, mind you a very few things that won't be in a constant state of change this year. The security you find in the constants energies around you will be particularly important this year because at times, circumstances will feel as if you have taken a fast freight train. There is nothing like the ongoing change of the Universe so be prepared now to need a seat belt for life at least the first three-quarters of this year. You'll be smirking as the rest of the world whizzes by if you do attend to some preparation before hand. Use your intuition as to what areas in your life this might entail but you can be sure that much of it will be the realm of relationships, ALL kinds of relationships. You'll also be much sought after with your delightful kind of fun at large parties. Know that many of your famous talents will simple be in DEMAND! Enjoy it while it lasts it's not every day that this kind of magnetism comes about, you're in for a lot of happy occasions. Dogs and Rats will be important to you this year so make sure you know what Asian Astrological sign those around you are.
HORSE - |1906 |1918 |1930 |1942 |1954 |1966 |1978 |1990 | 2004 | 2014 |

After such a wild and romping ride this last year in your name sake, the year of the Horse, you will be particularly glad to see things slow a bit and know your finish at the gate is at long last a reality. The upcoming respite of a more quiet energy this year is much welcomed by many a horse though as one surely can't run the Kentucky Derby every day. What a whirl wind those races were this last year. The calming energy around you will do you good this year and you'll find that communications with those you care about are somewhat slower paced than they have been yet a very soothing influence. Family relationships are highlighted and very happy all the way around. For some ready to slow things to a nice domestic pace, the year is particularly highlighted for marriages for those who are single and a new chance at falling in love all over again for those who are already partnered. A nice over all year for love and romance, you'll find a lot of security in those thoughts as you will surely notice the solidifying of many ideals you have sought for a long time in long term relationships. Yes at long last the race is over, delightfully so for those horses who were over run! You are happiest with a Goat, Tiger or Dog.
GOAT or RAM - |1907 |1919 |1931 |1943 |1955 |1967 |1979 |1991 | 2004 | 2015 |

OK Ram, this is YOUR year, the one you have waited for but are you ready? Well let's take a look at a few clues. For starters there is not much that is unanswered this year in the realm of wishes, whether it be the job that you dreamed of, the creativity you waited to see stimulated again or the opportunities that will come your way left and right. What a nice time this will be for the most part. Don't let yourself get over worked, plan your rest stops and times of recuperation and you'll make the energy you usually have work ten fold of what has it has been for the past few years. You might want to take a look at new ideas for your creative part of your soul as this is the kind of year, in fact, your VERY OWN that helps unearth previously hidden talents. Romance and money should be plentiful this year but don't fall for any pyramid schemes. You'll be so happy that you could be a tad too trusting now and then, so remain alert about pie in the sky dreams. Money is usually built one increment at a time. Many Goats will find the potential for relocation possible this year as some will be swept away in moves across large areas as the dream job's doors open faster than you can "resume". Are you prepared? Good I thought so. . You should be with someone from a similar family background, preferably a Horse, Rabbit or Pig.
MONKEY - |1908 |1920 |1932 |1944 |1956 |1968 |1980 |1992 | 2004 | 2016 |

The first words I'd mention to a monkey this year are to sloooow down a bit. Financially you've been on a climb that is likely to continue but there is no point being in a credit counseling session with your banker by pushing things to far. Monkey's are known to be rather spontaneous in nature but add this to a dollar and well...It's just best to watch that part of yourself this year and you'll come out on top. Your Dragon friend are your favorites most this year, they seem to anticipate your every whim and intuitively know your next move. You find you are glad to have them around so that there is someone safe to confide in and entertain at the same time. There are probably a few short trips in the calendar or soon to happen this year, enjoy them and be ready to be your spontaneous self. Family and partnership matters are highlighted some but in a very positive way. Not a bad life at all, is it? Your attraction is so strong at times this year, that you'll want to watch your flirting so as not to lead anyone in to thinking you are interested when in fact you are just being your playful self!
ROOSTER - |1909 |1921 |1933 |1945 |1957 |1969 |1981 |1993 | 2005 | 2017 |

The almighty Rooster has some books to close out as this Asian New Year of the Goat begins, whether it be an old friendship that must be set aside or some financial matters that you have been avoiding. Clear the air quickly in these matters and you'll be off to a good start. If not, and you continue to delay these, there could be some energy around you that is very draining. So make the list, and try to have the worst of it in order before early Spring, then most of the rest of the year will fall naturally in to place. You are going to have to continue to watch your diet at times because pressures can sometimes lead to overindulging in the food department for you. Try to make sure of a sensible diet and you can start with making sure you are very keen on the idea of plenty of good fruit and veggies stocked full time and ready to go for this sticky fingers who would do better with a carrot or two than three chocolate marshmallow bars. There is something about a Rooster and sugar. Did you ever notice that? As well you'll want to be ever faithful in your health check ups this year, it will set the pace for good habits in the years to come and those are important. A lot of Roosters live long lives, so early planning is always a good thing when one has been gifted in the area of longevity.
DOG - |1910 |1922 |1934 |1946 |1958 |1970 |1982 |1994 | 2006 | 2018 |

In the Year of the Ram a Dog has to have a friend or two and you are such a social creature that you will be glad there are plenty around for fulfillment this year. Contentment is just the best word to describe your happy family atmosphere with impromptu occasions that make memories for quite some time. Some of you will be curious to see when your own family can be planned for this life time, be patient. If this is not the precise year that suspicious time, is will be very soon. It seems family ties are becoming quite important to you but it's not as if you were a slacker about these thoughts prior to now. The highlight of these thoughts is just ever more constant on your mind. Pets are another area that will bring a lot of happiness to you this year, so make sure you are being the best human you can be to them for all the faithful love that they bring your way. You may actually end up adopting a few more than is easy to manage so keep in mind that there are other friends you have who are equally as warmed by the big brown eyes of those puppies!
PIG - |1911 |1923 |1935 |1947 |1959 |1971 |1983 |1995 | 2007 | 2019 |

The year of the Goat is a fairly good one for your financial picture but remain cautiously optimistic until we get through the end of the Summer, just to be safe. Keep the commitment you made to yourself about that savings plan and stick to it, even if you have to have funds taken out for you by your accountant or bank. Sometimes you have a way of rationalizing that things will take care of themselves financially and they can, long as you use some free will. A few outdoor trips or gatherings are in store for you and the fresh air aspects of these will be quite invigorating. That camping trip, complete with outdoor cooking might be just what you need to bring back some happy childhood memories and an inexpensive get-a-way at the same time. A Goat could steal your heart if you are not looking so always be prepared to find romance in a friend that has long been in your life. Your partners if already involved will be extra responsive to you. All you have to do is make your desires and needs known, within reason of course. This is a comfortable year for you without a roller coaster and much needed sentiments and thoughts of the feelings of your own security will brighten many a day for you
RAT - |1900 |1912 |1924 |1936 |1948 |1960 |1972 |1984 | 1996 | 2008 |

The rat is but another sign who will benefit from a long overdue creative streak this year. At long last the faucet of ideas and inspiration has just been turned on, so get the paints, get the ink for the printer cartridge, get the craft store goodies ready to roll. You are about to find the first energy you've had in this area for a long time. Congratulations, this will be a very enjoyable year because of these interests and one that you feel quite emotionally stable from in learning to direct and enjoy art and creativity more than you have addressed it in the recent past. Some of you will find nice times with another rat. Perhaps they are the one you have longed for, for some time. If this is the case remember your impetuous self should not take over, you should find a way to be very patient with this kind of thing until you feel out the ropes again. After all most people don't bow out of the potential for romance for so long and there have been a few changes in the world. Right? Make sure the family attends to spiritual matters to what ever degree you can gently guide them. Some are a bit off track and need to be aware they are making material items too significant in their lives, they should follow a better example, like you!

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