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Alignment in Healing

Alignment within yourself and with your external environment is essential for optimal well-being. Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is a body of oscillating energy. In essence, everything is one, in very real, scientific terms. Understanding our alignment and connection with all that is around us is a huge step forward in alignment. As stewards of the earth, we are meant to care for our environment just as we care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Aligning Your Living Space

It is important to cleanse and detoxify your living space and dwelling on a regular basis to reduce the accumulation of stress related toxins and visible dirt and grime. This will help you tremendously in your journey towards true alignment. Here are some guidelines:

  • Dust regularly
  • Use organic or earth friendly cleansing products to clean your home
  • Use aromatherapy and pure essential oils to clean the air and soothe your nerves
  • Study Feng Shui and learn how to organize your furniture and decor to increase the chi energy around you
  • Take care of several indoor plants to add chi and life to your home
  • Decorate using natural materials, eg wood, crystals, stone, marble, gold, silver, copper, pottery, reeds, bamboo
  • Place crystals and geodes strategically around your home to set up a crystal grid for alignment
  • Keep windows clean, and use curtains/blinds that allow easy opening. Air out your home at least once a day and let the sunshine through the windows (also the moonshine at night)
  • Invest in a large aquarium with beautiful tropical fish and decor
  • Place an indoor fountain or other running water decor in your living space
  • Use color strategically: blues or greens in the bedroom, oranges, muted reds, yellows in the active rooms, etc.

The Practice of Qi Gong and Tibetan Bowls

Ancient Asian traditions such as Qi Gong can be very beneficial for restoring alignment within your being, as well as catalyzing rich energy growth, development of abilities that we would consider magical, and building vibrant health on all levels. Click here to view a collection of videos created by various Qi Gong experts to learn more about using these methods for healing into wholeness.

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