PSY 115: Manifesting Your Intention in Reality


This eight week course provides theory, application, and practice in the art and science of manifesting the reality you choose through the application of your focus and intent. The principles of this process are fully explored to help you gain confidence and mastery of this vital key to well-being and achieving your personal potential.


Although this course is best done in eight weeks, learners are encouraged to approach the content in a self-paced, individualized way. One to one interaction with the course facilitator is a primary feature of this process. This course is done completely online from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. All necessary study materials are included in the course fee, including readings and downloadable documents. You may enroll at any time.

  • Understand and apply theory related to mental focus, clear intentions and manifestation
  • Explore the dynamics of applied intention and manifestation
  • Apply principles of clarity, articulation, personal power and consistency to the manifestation process
  • Customize intention statements and foci to personalize the intention-manifestation process
  • Practice intention techniques to manifest results in a personalized manner
  • Explore personal beliefs, values, behaviors that promote and/or inhibit personal intention application and engagement.
  • Create a dynamic intention-manifestation plan
  • Apply, engage in and assess the utility of this personalized plan


Learners will be assessed using the following methods (both self and instructor evaluation):

  • Personal Journal and Weekly Worksheets: 20%
  • Personal Goals and Lifestyle Analysis: 10%
  • Personal Intention-Manifestation Plan: 35%
  • Intention Plan Analysis: 25%

Upon completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion for a 24 hour course.


Rajuna has taught and practiced nursing, health promotion, complementary medicine, and holistic healing for 18 years. She is also completing her PhD in Technology Education, with an emphasis on e-learning and online course development.


TOTAL TUITION: $99 USD which includes instruction, resources and worksheets.

Fee may be paid using PayPal, international money order or certified check.

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