PSY 105: Astrology Basics


    This 8 lesson course introduces the theory and practical application of Astrology to understand how to render and interpret astrology charts and apply the planetary positions to enhance your understanding of your own personal makeup. Learn about astrological birth, transit, and compatibility charts; interpreting the signs, houses, planetary positions, aspects, and special configurations such as stelliums. Practical and taught in a relaxed manner, this course can be taken at your own pace from the privacy of your own home.


    Although this course is best done in eight weeks, learners are encouraged to approach the content in a self-paced, individualized way. One to one interaction with the course facilitator is a primary feature of this process. This course is done completely online from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. All necessary study materials are included in the course fee, including readings and downloadable documents. Reasonably priced astrology software will be made available for purchase. You may enroll at any time.


    This course is intended to provide the learner with the opportunity to:

    • Understand and apply theory related to birth, compatability and transit chart creation and interpretation.
    • Explore the dynamics of the houses, planets, aspects, signs, and progressions in the various astrology charts.
    • Explore principles of current trend analysis.
    • Prepare personalized birth charts and character interpretations
    • Engage in the process of transit chart interpretations
    • Explore the relevance of birth charts to the current life context
    • Apply current astrological data to actual life situations
    • Explore techniques to integrate and resolve hard and difficult aspects and placements
    • Explore ways to incorporate astrological conditions to current personal and professional life


    Learners will be assessed using the following methods (both self and instructor evaluation):

    • Personal Journal and Weekly Worksheets: 20%
    • Personal Birth Chart Creation and Analysis: 30%
    • Personal Compatibility Chart: 30%
    • Personal Transit Analysis: 20%

    Upon completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion for a 24 hour course.


    Rajuna has analyzed and taught people how to use their astrological charts for over 32 years. She is also completing her PhD in Technology Education, with an emphasis on e-learning and online course development.


    TOTAL TUITION: $99 USD which includes instruction, resources and worksheets. <

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